Joe Straus Flaunts Texas Law, Places Illegal Campaign Signa

February 11, 2014 10:38 am 0 comments

Joe Straus

Complaint filed with the Texas Ethics Commission for blatant disregard of State law

Today Matt Beebe filed a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission addressing the fact that Representative Joe Straus has placed illegal campaign signs within District 121. This blatant disregard for one of the most straightforward rules of political advertising in Texas shows the increasing arrogance within Representative Straus’ campaign.

Sec. 255.007 of the Texas Elections Code is crystal clear that the following notice must be written on each political advertising sign:


Sec. 255.007(c) continues “An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.”

The Texas Ethics Commission even makes available a helpful guide, “POLITICAL ADVERTISING – What You Need To Know” to all candidates within Texas, which clearly states “Do Yard Signs Have To Have The “Right-Of-Way” Notice? Yes. The “right-of-way” notice requirement applies to signs meant to be seen from any road.”

Commenting on this illegal behavior Beebe stated, “I’m shocked that with $6M in the bank and dozens of consultants, Straus failed to set expectations for strict compliance with Texas law. I imagine he will quietly fire one of those consultants for such a foolish mistake, but he needs to take complete responsibility – especially since he has advertised a photo of himself posing with the illegal signs, so ignorance isn’t a viable defense.”

“I’ve truly enjoyed reaching out to voters across District 121. They want responsible conservative leadership, and they know they don’t have it with Joe Straus. Spending more than 25% over the prior spending cycle, while increasing legislative pensions 12% is incomprehensible to voters who were recently promised by Straus’ campaign material that his “number one priority [is] to be a good steward of [their] money.”

“His duplicity would be laughable if the impact to generations of Texans wasn’t so profoundly negative”, continued Beebe.

Matt Beebe is a United States Air Force Veteran, father, and small business owner. A constitutional conservative, Beebe is running to reduce the size, power, and spending of government in Texas, and drive practical and efficient solutions in areas that are the proper role of State government. Matt and his wife Nicole are proud parents to Joshua and Hannah, and are longtime residents of HD121 where the family regularly attends Alamo Heights United Methodist Church.

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