Jim Keffer Chooses To Attack Cullen Crisp’s Children In Latest Campaign Mailer

February 5, 2014 8:11 pm 7 comments

Struggling to keep pace with grassroots challenger, liberal incumbent Jim Keffer attacks Crisp family for their decision to send their children to Trinity Valley School.

GRANBURY, TX— Incumbent Representative Jim Keffer of Eastland has used the last month to resort to high dollar personal attacks on conservative Cullen Crisp. Disturbingly, the latest hit piece attacks Crisp for sending his children to a private school. This attack is just part of a tidal wave of negative mail unleashed on GOP primary voters in District 60 by Keffer.

Responding to the attacks, Cullen Crisp commented, “Representative Keffer should be very careful about going after my children. Any father would not tolerate such attacks. My children are not an issue in this campaign, nor do I plan to apologize for sending them to a school of our choosing. I believe public schools are a cornerstone of rural communities and I also believe parents have the right to decide what the best educational option is for their children.”

“If Jim Keffer or his consultant believe my family is up for discussion he can bring it up in person,” continued Crisp. “I hope Jim decides to show up at a series of community forums scheduled for next week before early voting begins. I know voters are eager to hear about the issues, like Jim’s record of supporting in-state tuition for illegal aliens, or his decision to vote himself a 12% pension increase this session.”

Cullen and his family run a farm in Granbury, where they grow strawberries, peaches, and harvest honey. Cullen is also owner of Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection, which specializes in fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Cullen is very active in the District 60 community, founding the Texas Heroes Foundation, and is currently planning the 3rd Annual Texas Independence Day Celebration. Cullen currently is a member of the Lake Granbury Coalition, on the board of Hood County Development District 1, and played an integral part of the development of Acton Nature Center near Granbury. The Crisp family are committed Christians. Cullen is married to his beautiful wife, Ashley, and together they have two children, Carson and Maddie.

For more information, please visit cullencrisp.com


  • Jim Keffer has done very little for Granbury or the Brazos Valley area in regards to lake conditions. The BRA has run amuck way too long. It’s time to replace incumbent Jim Keffer with fresh blood and new ideas for this district. Vote for Cullen Crisp.

  • it takes a real big man to bring a mans children into politics, no i take that back a real man wouldn’t that. mr. keffer thats pretty much low life. have a good day !!

  • Well the fact that he wants to be on any board in the town of Granbury but NOT support our school system is a problem! If our public schools are not good enough for your children then do not run for any public position in our town. You work for the city, you support all of it. You lost my vote

  • Where can we read what Keffer said about this?

  • Being that Mr Keffer has a sin who is homosexual, you would think he would show some sensitivity to others children, and personal attack on them.

  • Sorry, Crisp cannot have it both ways.

    He is running on public education issues, yet he chooses to send his kids to one of the most expensive private schools in the state of Texas. And stop the false indignation. He mentioned YOU choosing to not support public education.

    Are you a believer in public education or not?

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