Chris Branson Is Not Suitable As A Judicial Candidate For A Family Court Position

December 15, 2013 8:21 pm 3 comments

Landon Weber

The Landon Weber Story

Landon Weber, abused by his parents

Please allow me to introduce Landon Weber to you.  This little boy has endured sickness, pain and medical treatments, far more than anyone his age should have been made to endure, and had come to the brink of death, all at the hands of parents who abused him in order to make them appear as “heroes”.  The unthinkable abuse on the part of his parents has been identified as “Munchausen Syndrome by proxy”, a form of child abuse wherein the parents induce all sorts of symptoms in their children by forcing them to take toxic substances and causing physical injuries to children, designed to make the medical community and others consider the parents as “heroes” for “rescuing” the children and bringing them to the attention of the medical community.

From the web site Medscape, comes the following definition of this type of abuse:

“Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a covert, potentially lethal, and frequently misunderstood form of child abuse. Although not uncommon, this syndrome is difficult to detect and confirm.

In 1951, Dr Richard Asher originally used the term Munchausen syndrome to describe adults who fabricated illnesses to get medical attention, with no secondary gain except to adopt the role of illness through unnecessary medical procedures and treatments.”

At this point, you may ask, what does this have to do with Chris Branson? Branson was the attorney who represented the natural parents of this little boy, who fought Child Protective Services and those in the medical community that had the boy’s best interest at heart, to continue to keep him in the hands of his abusers.

Even as the medical community was convinced that the parents of this little boy were guilty of this most heinous form of child abuse, Chris Branson fought to keep the child in the home of those who were slowly killing him.

Ignoring the warning of Child Protective Services and the medical community, Branson plotted with these deranged parents to prevent the child from being adopted by a loving, supportive family.

Thankfully, Landon had a guardian angel, in the form of Judge John Phillips, who listened to the advice of Child Protective Services and the medical community, and custody was removed from the natural parents, and a loving family was awarded custody.

Brandon now, a totally well little boy!

Landon Weber Today

From KHOU 11 News comes the story of the happy outcome:

HOUSTON – A 7-year-old boy whose parents are accused of medical abuse was placed with a new family Monday in a Houston courtroom.

From the moment Landon Weber was born, his mother said he was very sick. At the age of two, Landon was on oxygen and had to be fed through a tube. He was diagnosed with a rare lung disease.

For years, Landon’s mother and father took him from doctor to doctor, seeking treatment for a serious illness. The Make a Wish Foundation, thinking he was dying, even sent him to Disney World.

Landon was constantly in and out of hospitals in three different states. But now, investigators say the child was never really sick.

Houston doctors began closely looking at Landon’s medical history and comparing notes. That’s when they noticed there were a lot of inconsistencies. It appeared the parents were making up his illnesses to look like heroes. It’s known as Munchausen by proxy.

“You know Munchausen isn’t formally defined. We worked with it as a medical child-abuse case,” said Valerie Brock. She was the court’s chief prosecutor when the investigation began.
“He had unnecessary surgeries, countless small things like being stuck with a needle,” she said.
Judge John Phillips appointed a group of experts to find the truth.

The Webers, who are still under investigation, had their parental rights taken away, and on Monday, Landon — represented by ad-litem attorney Michael Craig — was given a new mom and dad.

If Chris Branson had his way, this story would have had a tragic ending.  Believe it or not, Chris Branson is still soliciting funds to continue fighting for the  return of Landon to this “house of horrors” – totally ignoring the best interests of this innocent little boy.

Family court needs men and women of discernment, love, and good judgment.  These are not Chris Branson’s attributes.  Please allow me to remind you what we have previously disclosed about him:

  • Chris Branson is well known for taking money from clients and failing to show up in court to represent them. He was actually sanctioned in Cause No. 2009-07237J for “not attending a hearing.” We look forward to bringing you more details regarding this sanction in the near future.
  • Chris Branson graduated from the Texas Southern University Law school in 1997, then promptly failed the Texas bar exam twice before he squeaked by and finally passing it. 
  • Chris Branson has NEVER tried a court case in front of a jury in either state or federal court
  • Chris Branson has ZERO experience in felony criminal cases
  • Chris Branson has ZERO  experience representing children in CPS cases
  • Chris Branson has ZERO experience in Juvenile Delinquency court

We don’t need unqualified and derelict individuals to be presiding over our courts, especially when families and the destinies of our precious children hang in the balance of the scale of justice.

Please leave your comments, and we look forward in the coming weeks to examine in greater detail the tragedies and testimonies of those who have experienced the heartache of relying on Chris Branson.

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