Representative Steve Toth Endorses Ted Seago For Texas House District 16

August 19, 2013 12:45 pm 0 comments

Ted Seago

Ted Seago’s campaign today announced the endorsement of Montgomery County’s own, Representative Steve Toth.  Rep. Toth is widely recognized as one of Texas’ new crop of conservative champions, compiling a stellar record in just his first term of office. In the past two weeks Rep. Toth was given “A” ratings from Empower Texans, and Texas Eagle Forum, two of the top conservative watchdogs in the State of Texas.

Representative Toth released his endorsement in the form of a letter to fellow Montgomery County residents, in it he stated:

Fellow Montgomery County Conservatives

All of us are excited to hear about Brandon Creighton’s decision to run for Commissioner of Agriculture. During the 82nd Session, Representative Creighton had the 8th most conservative voting record.  The 83rd Session was another great year for Representative Creighton as he lead the Republican Caucus.

It’s been a tough fight down in Austin, with the establishment constantly pushing for more government spending. The growth in spending leads to less freedom for you and me back home.

Having a proven conservative in Austin to take Brandon’s place is essential to moving Texas forward and that’s why I wanted to be one of the first people to endorse Ted Seago for State Representative in District 16.

Ted is a pastor, businessman a pro-life activist and he holds a PhD in education from the University of Houston.  He’s socially and fiscally conservative and we need him in the Texas House. Ted Seago will fight for our values in Austin and I will be encouraging all of my friends to vote for him in the upcoming Republican primary.

Please reach out to his campaign, visit and spread the word that we have a great conservative for Montgomery County that is ready to fight for liberty and conservative values.

God Bless,

Steve Toth

The announcement of Representative Toth’s endorsement comes a short time after Seago’s announcement he was considering a run for for District 16. Ted is the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church at Fish Creek. Married to his wife Johnnie for 35 years, together they own and operate Parent and Child Educational Services (PACES), a classical education and curriculum provider. Ted received a Ph.D in Education from the University of Houston, and together with Johnnie is blessed to have eight children and ten grandchildren.

“I can’t think of a better endorsement to start off our campaign,” remarked Seago. I enjoyed watching Representative Toth battle alongside other conservatives for truth in budgeting, smart infrastructure development, education reform, and the right to life. Those are the values the people of Montgomery County want their leaders to fight for.”

For more information regarding Ted Seago can be found at

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