One More Reason Why I Hate Politics

August 28, 2013 7:35 pm 1 comment

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

Please consider the liberal source (Austin American-Statesman Editorial Board), but they actually do make some good points about Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and his missteps (excerpts from editorial posted below).  He has taken a bit of an interest in the CSCOPE debacle, but he has been “late to the game.”  He has not actually led in the anti-CSCOPE efforts except to “pound his chest” and issue a few general press releases.

On the other hand, Sen. Dan Patrick (who is also running for Lt. Gov.) has led by conducting an amazing public hearing on Jan. 30, 2013 in which he laid out the many troubling facts behind the creation of CSCOPE and the corporation that owns it.  Sen. Patrick did this at a time when he knew he would take a beating from the ESC’s and the education establishment who supported CSCOPE and its lucrative assets.

Sen. Patrick also filed SB 9 but very late in the Special Session.  SB 9 was probably the best anti-CSCOPE bill because it basically would have prohibited all school personnel from using school curriculum products (e.g., CSCOPE) produced by Education Service Centers before Aug. 31, 3013!  The CSCOPE lessons would have indeed been declared “dead.”

If allowed to be added to the call, SB 9 might have been passed because of the growing public outrage over CSCOPE.  However, SB 9 was never allowed to come up for a vote.

I wonder if Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s considerable influence might have kept SB 9 locked up for political reasons so that Sen. Patrick would not receive favorable publicity.  Who knows?  Politics does strange things to perfectly decent people.  The problems occur when children’s minds are at stake.  Then the wrong political decisions become very important.

All units, be on the lookout for missing leadership Posted: 7:00 p.m. Monday, Aug. 26, 2013

If Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst played professional sports, his season would be accurately characterized as a disaster.

Dewhurst’s intention to run for another term has drawn three stout challengers, setting up an intramural match that he is making every attempt to lose. The campaign promised us a new Dewhurst, but maybe they should revive the old one.

The old Dewhurst was an amiable, able businessman in command of the tiniest of details in the state budget. The old Dewhurst valued comity, consensus and common sense in the 31-member Senate — and was one who honored the chamber’s traditions and rules.

The latest version of Dewhurst comes off as a guy who just rolled into town on a hay wagon and can’t wait to get his pockets picked. First, he loses a U.S. Senate race that was his to lose to a then-unknown upstart who is now formally addressed as Sen. Ted Cruz.

Next, Dewhurst loses control of the Texas Senate during the first and second special sessions over a bill making abortions even harder to get. Getting such a bill through a Republican-controlled Legislature should be as easy as rounding up votes for a resolution honoring Ronald Reagan. Yet, it takes Dewhurst two tries.

In between, a close friend and confidant is accused of stealing millions from both state and federal campaign accounts. While the criminal case has yet to be resolved, the missing money has to be a source of embarrassment for Dewhurst, who has always pushed his business acumen in previous campaigns.

Still rubbing contusions and abrasions sustained in the regular and special sessions, Dewhurst is now fending off questions about an indiscreet late phone call he made to the Allen Police Department on behalf of a relative who had been jailed on a shoplifting charge. By now, most Texans have had an opportunity to listen in on Dewhurst throwing the full weight of his office at an Allen police sergeant who displayed an incredible amount of restraint.

Dewhurst wanted to know what he needed to do to get his relative — who he said was the victim of an injustice — out of jail. Once she transfers to county custody, the sergeant patiently explains, bail can be arranged. Dewhurst then demands the names and cellphone numbers of the Collin County judge and sheriff. He also wants the cellphone number of the sergeant’s immediate supervisor.

The sergeant doesn’t yield any of the requested information, and the lieutenant governor of Texas — who has repeatedly reminded the sergeant that he is a great friend of law enforcement — hangs up.

Anyone who deals with police officers on a regular basis could have told Dewhurst that it is not impossible to bully a cop, but it is most difficult. Most police officers experience someone throwing their weight around at some point in their careers, so the experience is nothing new — but one that always leaves an impression.

People who think the “don’t you know who I am?” routine around law enforcement will work live an alternate universe. It is perhaps the same universe in which leaving the Senate in the middle of an intense battle over an abortion bill for a restaurant populated by lobbyists is considered a display of leadership.

While Dewhurst was studying the menu, the abortion bill started spinning its way to defeat, and state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, won nationwide fame for her filibuster of it in the first special session…

The din created by the three special sessions was beginning to die down a little, when Dewhurst made the phone call to the Allen Police Department.

Now that the recorded phone conversation is available for anyone to listen to, law enforcement support will be awkward to recapture. Rank-and-file cops are going to be hard-pressed to endorse Dewhurst’s clumsy attempts at intimidation of one of their own even if law enforcement lobbyists urge following the friendly incumbent rule.

It certainly has given his opponents plenty to talk about, and they are taking full advantage of the opportunity Dewhurst has given them. And in so doing, Dewhurst has turned national attention to his niece’s legal troubles…

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