Message to SBOE Chair Barbara Cargill: “Consider The Source; Ignore TFN; Hold Steady.”

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Barbara Cargill

Barbara, consider the source; and ignore Texas Freedom Network. Hold steady, and keep right on doing exactly what you are doing.

Texas Freedom Network (TFN) has placed Texas State Board of Education Chair Barbara Cargill in its crosshairs

TFN is vilifying Cargill because TFN wants publishers to ignore the new Science curriculum standards (TEKS) adopted by the elected members of the SBOE. Nobody knows those Science TEKS any better than does Barbara Cargill because she poured her sweat equity into them for two years during the time they were under adoption.

Barbara Cargill is a certified science teacher, taught high-school biology in the Texas public schools for years, and conducts a nationally recognized science camp in the summer to which thousands of children come.  The camp is so successful that children have to sign up early to get their names on the list.

Just as in the past where SBOE members have had special expertise in various content areas, these Members have tried to make sure that the textbook review teams follow the SBOE-adopted TEKS.  That is state law.  Instructional materials (IM’s) which pass through the SBOE adoption process must follow Texas’ curriculum standards (TEKS), and all teachers in Texas are to follow the TEKS.

We Texas citizens want Barbara Cargill to be closely involved with the Science IM’s.  SBOE members serve the people of Texas without receiving any remuneration.  If these members take their valuable personal time to meet with the textbook review teams, we Texans should be grateful.  We should thank Barbara Cargill and the other SBOE members for their dedication to making sure that the IM’s are sufficiently aligned with the Science TEKS.

Textbook evaluation teams work in public settings; nothing is done behind closed doors. All SBOE members are invited to attend the meetings and to communicate openly with the evaluation team members. Barbara Cargill is not a vendor nor is she a lobbyist.

Cargill is not like SBOE Member Thomas Ratliff who is a registered lobbyist and represents Microsoft that sells millions of dollars of products each year to the TEA and to the SBOE.  It is not surprising that TFN “loves” Thomas Ratliff; they come down on the same side on many issues.

When it comes to TFN, we must always remember who and what they are. Their agenda always shows in what they say and do. Undoubtedly, TFN was much involved with the recent mob protests at the Austin Capitol during the debate over the pro-life bills because TFN is closely aligned with Planned Parenthood and other left-leaning organizations.

Please take a look at the organizations that support Texas Freedom Network, and this should remind us of their true intent:

Planned Parenthood; the Human Rights Campaign (largest homosexual organization in the U. S.); the ACLU Texas; Alliance for Clean Texas; People for the American Way; Center for Public Policy Priorities; Equality Texas; NARAL Pro-Choice; Sierra Club; Freedom From Religion Foundation; Stand Down Texas; Texas Association of Planned Parenthood Affiliates (TAPPA); Texas Impact; The Texas Observer; MECha (who wants to eliminate the border with Mexico entirely and honor Mexican revolutionary war hero Ernesto Zapata and Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara); the Center for Inquiry (CFI) who fought to make the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional.

Do we want Texas Freedom Network to influence Texas’ education standards, textbooks, and curriculum?

Let’s consider the answer to that question:

Dan Quinn is the Communications Director for Texas Freedom Network (TFN).  Dan “outed” himself in an article in the Austin American-Statesman in 6.3.01 – link no longer available

Cecile Richards founded Texas Freedom Network in 1995.  She is now the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. When Cecile left for Washington, D. C., Samantha Smoot took Cecile’s place.

When Samantha left for Washington, D. C. in 2005, she went to work for the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual organization in the country.

Another far, leftwing organization has recently been added to the TFN alliance: MEChA.

Now we have Texas Freedom Network, Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign (largest homosexual organization in the country), and MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) all speaking as one voice.  Who is MEChA?

On 3.25.10, The Daily Texan reported:

A UT-based group called Save Our History, an alliance between University Democrats, a Chicano civil rights group called MEChA and the Texas Freedom Network, a nonprofit that works to combat the radical right voice in education, staged a March and press conference on March 10. Garrett Mize, a member of the Texas Freedom Network and the coalition, said the group plans to continue its activism and hopes to expand its membership in preparation for the May meetings.

MEChA wants to eliminate the border with Mexico entirely. They honor Mexican revolutionary war hero Ernesto Zapata and Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

MEChA has held rallies to pressure the University of Texas not to celebrate Texas Independence Day on campus, and they advocate for “La Reconquista” or the retaking of the Southwestern states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah) to form an independent nation called “Aztlan.” (link no longer available)  (more information)

What parent in his right mind would want the TFN alliance to have any influence whatsoever over what impressionable and vulnerable public school students are taught?

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