The State of the Harris County Republican Party

July 28, 2013 1:14 pm 21 comments

Over the years I have volunteered to many hours to bring Christ’s light to the dark and twisted world of politics. Although I am a slow learner, I have learned a few things over the years, sometimes the hard way. One thing Mike Richards used to say as he would sign off after his radio shows is, “Don’t let anyone steal your joy!” So I try now to focus on what Is good and helpful instead of spending all my time getting angry at the news (and lies) of the day.

We all must keep our eyes on what is important and helpful to our nation, and that would be our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The only way to save this nation is not thought political means alone, but through spiritual means, because we must change the hearts of the American people. That can only and will only happen with the help of our Lord.

At the same time, all of us must stay vigilant in defending and promoting the faith. We must also bring the light of Christ into the world of politics. If we do not keep watch, our enemies will sneak in—and we all know if you repeat a lie often enough it will eventually be believed. In this rather long missive, I am refuting specific lies regarding 1.) a recent Big Jolly article, 2.) misgivings about slates, and 3.) the HRCP email list. Bear with me… this gets good!


In a recent Big Jolly article headlined “The Sad, Sad State of the Harris County Republican Party,” David Jennings shows his hatred of the local Republican Party and its leader Chairman Jared Woodfill. He simply can’t tolerate the values of the party and the Chairman—a Chairman, I might add, that has fought for the huge Republican successes we experienced in 2010 and 2012.

Yet despite these successes, Jennings has a cunning ability to twist the truth in an ongoing effort to deceive, deflect, and tear down our local party. Of course we want to set the record straight, and the facts speak for themselves.

In his opening paragraph Jennings said:

The fact that Harris County used to be the largest reliably “red” county in the US should give us all pause but undoubtedly, it won’t.

Well David, I hate to break the news to you, but the Party is still the largest reliably red county in the US despite the fact that since 2008 BIG Jolly has been working hard to tear down the party. Why? Because you are an angry man with a liberal agenda— and have a publication in which you can spew lies and twist truths to your own diabolical worldview. This is not journalism. It’s an extremely biased and self-centered opinion wrapped up in ugly hyperbole, meant to achieve votes for Democrats and Libertarians. David, you are a progressive’s best friend. And you are no friend of local Republicans—we get that. But don’t camouflage yourself under the cloak of conservatism when you work so diligently to destroy conservative values.

These are the true facts. Over the years under the leadership of Gary Polland of the Texas Conservative Review and Jared Woodfill, our party has not only grown, but every year except 2008 (due to the Obama wave) we have dominated Harris County. Because of this success, the Democrats know they cannot win unless they disguise themselves as “Republicans.” Because of these successes, we must pay close attention to our candidates so we can be sure they share our values and are not just infiltrating our party to win elective office. The platform is the gatekeeper, along with those on selection committees.

David Jennings has also failed to mention that the HCRP’s most successful campaign cycles in history took place in 2010 and 2012. When all other major Texas counties were being swept (Bexar County, Dallas County, and Travis County), Harris County Republicans were victorious.

  • 2010 was the best cycle in the history of HCRP with a countywide sweep.
  • For the first time in the history of the HCRP, a Republican took Commissioners Precinct 2 from the hands of the Democrats with the election of Jack Morman.
  • We also took back Texas House seats 133 and 134 and had an increase of 50,000 straight ticket votes.

2012 brought more good news:

  • In the 2012 election cycle, all incumbent Republicans won.
  • We defeated seven Democrat incumbents and thereby picked up seven benches that were lost in the 2008 Obama wave.
  • We have over 80 elected Republicans in Harris County, while the Democrats have only 13.

In fact, Jared Woodfill has presided over four countywide sweeps and was Gary Poland’s Legal Counsel and Finance Chair for HCRP during his time as chair. He has raised approximately $20 million for the Harris County Republican Party.

By now, it should be obvious that David Jennings is notorious for ignoring the facts in order to promote his liberal agenda. In the second paragraph he boggles the imagination by “trying to right the sinking ship …”

BJP has been trying to right the sinking ship of the Harris County Republican Party since 2009. This was after the disaster of the Obama wave in 2008 and when I walked into a meeting of the Clear Lake Area Republicans and saw that our “hopes” were being pinned on Terry Lowry, proprietor of the “Link Letter”, a pay to play rag that is the most influential “endorsement” slate in Harris County. The guy had just attacked a candidate for Harris County District Attorney by claiming that she performed oral sex on deputies in exchange for false testimony at trial. Yes, I do have a recording of that. But those claims were just one part of a “system” that has corrupted Harris County Republican politics for a long, long time.

So, does his vile hatred of the Harris County Republican Party and its leader Jared Woodfill stem from the fact that Terry Lowry exposed Kelly Seigler as she ran for Harris County District Attorney? Terry and his Link Letter are in no way affiliated with the party. But the facts don’t matter at Big Jolly, and Jennings falsely ties Terry Lowry to Jared Woodfill and the Harris County Republican Party. Then he goes even further off the reservation and indicates that the “Obama wave” was the fault of Jared Woodfill himself. Question: Is our local Chairman really that powerful? If so I support Jared for the 2014 Republican nominee for President, because (if you believe Big Jolly) it is only he that has the ability to right the sinking ship we call a nation.


As for his comments on Uncle Paul Bettencourt being a shoe-in for State Senate seat 7 to Replace Dan Patrick, I agree that Dan and elected officials should not anoint their replacements because this puts them up so high on the list of the voters that there is no real opportunity for any new blood. As for me, I am not sure if I will support Paul for this and I am not sure at this point if I will support Dan in his race either.

Jennings stated that the 3 slates in Harris County came out to preemptively endorse Paul Bettencourt. As far as I know Terry and Gary have endorsed Paul, but I am not sure about Steve Hotze. On the surface I can see where people may look at this as dirty. But remember, they are all free to choose who they want and when they want. After all, despite Obama’s best efforts, this is a free country and we still do enjoy freedom of the press. Does that fact they endorsed Paul surprise anyone? Paul is a well known conservative activist with a long record of standing strong on our commonly held values and everyone knows him and most like him and this would include the BIG 3.

Regardless of your personal feelings about the slates or those who run them, the slates are not in any way affiliated with the party or Chairman Woodfill. Everyone has the freedom if they choose to have a slate. I hear many people complain about the slates and I do understand the frustration. But is David Jennings suggesting that we should take away their freedom of the press in an effort to please him?

Out of the 3 slates I have only personally met one, and that is Terry Lowery. While I can see both side of the slate argument, Terry seems to me to be an honest and upright Believer in our Lord and boldly speaks the word of truth, and I know that Biblical truths upset BIG Jolly. It brings to mind a passage from John, who warns us about people who do wicked things. They hate the light and do not come to the light, “lest his works should be exposed.’

But again, when it comes to the 3 slates (whether you like them or not), they are in no way affiliated with the Harris County Republican Party or its Chairman. But since Big Jolly is a publication in which the Truth Rarely Matters, let’s remember to take David Jennings with a grain of salt as he overlooks facts to push his liberal views.


Another lie Big Jolly is continually pedaling one about the Harris County Email list.

I received a fundraising email from Bettencourt using the Harris County Republican Party email list, I knew the fix was in. Just like when County Chair Jared Woodfill flagrantly mis-used the Harris County Republican Party email list in his campaign four years ago. But no one called him on it (except me) so it didn’t matter.

See, this is a way for BIG Jolly to advance his personal agenda by destroying the Harris County Republican Party. He falsely states the Party and Jared are giving the party email list to candidates they like to give them as edge over their opponents.

This is a lie, but again we need to remember that at Big Jolly, the Truth Rarely Matters. Here is a question for you: What does Big Jolly Politics have in common with radical Islam? They both say it is ok to lie as long as it advances your agenda.

Paul Bettencourt has been a long time local republican activist he has ran for and held elective office; he is a radio host on KSEV and he is a long time friend of Senator Dan Patrick, as well as a local business owner of Bettencourt Tax Advisors. So after all this, does anyone really believe that Paul needs to come to the GREAT Jared Woodfill and beg for an email list so he can have a chance at winning public office? Please, that’s just plain funny…

I can agree with one thing that BIG Jolly said. Jared Woodfill at some point should not settle for running our local party, see if he is really that powerful and that good at what he is doing. He should not be held back as the volunteer leader of the local party. We need him in higher office so I will support the Almighty Woodfill for President.

Our country needs strong GOD fearing Believers as our leaders and to have one as powerful as Jared Woodfill in our midst we are blessed and need to have him at the top of our ticket. Thanks be to Almighty God, despite the twisting of the truth no one really listens to Big Jolly, and Jennings has had no real affect on the party. All he has been able to accomplish is side tracking and division of local republicans as we fight the left.


  • All of Jennings characteristics and actions point to him being a closet supporter of the Communist / democrat Party, not the Republican Party.

    1) He supported democrat Jeff Weems for statewide elected office.
    2) He deletes posts on his blog when they expose him for who he truly is.
    3) He attacks the Christians and their beliefs, but wants you to believe he’s one too since he goes to his rock band church on Saturday nights. It’s obvious he’s just there for the jams, and not to learn from the word.
    4) He supports the gay lifestyle, something the Communists support too in order to enable the destruction of the family unit. If he were a true Christian, who believes in the word, he would not support it.
    5) He supports gays in leadership, so they can start flaunting their unhealthy and sick lifestyle, so people will become brainwashed into believing it is normal and acceptable.
    6) Between him and his sidekick, Hubbard, they both push for their support of gays in leadership and attack Conservative Christians when they both want you to believe they are Christians themselves. Didn’t Obama pull that stunt too, telling everyone he was a Christian? Funny how these two attack the Christians in the Republican Party just like Obama is attacking the Christians across America. Now that’s some mighty fine company to be associated with isn’t it? I wonder if there is a closet reason they both support the gay lifestyle.
    7) Davy Boy supports the local Communist News rag, the Chronicle, by having a blog in it too.

    Communist Manifesto:

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    Why do David Jennings, Ed Hubbard, Felicia Cravens, et al. support the Communist’s gay goals by supporting gays for Republican leadership positions?

    Big Jolly’s slogan for that Commie rag is really, “Because LIES Matter”, and his leftist readership base eats it up just like they did when listening to Air America being a Commie’s lifeblood is false propaganda. Also, you can label all the other Commies masquerading as Republicans who participate in the rag the same. Why else would they support it with their writings if they did not believe in the same ultimate goal, destroying the HCRP and turning Harris County blue?

    Why did Ed Hubbard laugh about being called a Commie and not re-post the actual platform #26, I posted above, a while back when he was quoting my posting? Why did he hide and not want the public to re-read the part that says:

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    Isn’t helping gay people become precinct chairs fit the description, “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy”?

    Why hide that part and not let the people see the facts and come to their own conclusion based on facts? Isn’t this how democrats act: hide, lie, censor, lie, twist, lie, lie, lie, etc.?

    Why are Jennings, Hubbard, Cravens, et al. supporting the Communist platform?

  • Jean Derbyshire

    Please, please, please don’t fund Obamacare!! Obamacare will destroy our country and once it goes into effect, there will be no turning back. Please listen to your constituents. Is there anyone in Washington besides Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who have a brain…and a backbone? Start thinking about the American people…our children and grandchildren…instead of whether or not your going to lose your job. And remember, we’re all going to stand before God some day and give an account of our lives…what we did that was good and what we did that was bad. Obamacare is really, really, bad!!!

  • please try and stop wrthis nightmare.what is ong with therepublican party? what the hell do they stand for?



  • Please, Please do not fund obama care.

  • If it’s truly possible please defund Obamacare.

  • Please do not fund Obamacare

  • Please do not fund Obamacare.

  • Please do not fund Obamacare

  • Warren L. Kurtze

    Do not fund Obama Care! This is the worst president in our history and is destroying our country.

  • Please do not fund Obamacare as it will cause more hardships for our country especially for the hard working population, as well as for those who wish to find employment. We must think of our children and grandchildren’s future and must deny big government’s involvement in our personal lives and choices. Democracy and freedom ring for “We the people of America”! Are you listening Harry Reid? The people say NO to Obamacare!

  • It’s not my desire to see funding for Obamacare please stand behind you convictions and put this One flew over the cuckoo’s nest to rest.

  • I am praying you make the wise decision to not fund Obamacare. Thanks

  • I found myself getting Big Jolly’s feed for a little while. It quickly dawned on me that this site, while claiming to be Republican in outlook, had a troubling undercurrent. I read the articles for a while, giving it fair allowance for divergent opinions. But, when it launched a few unsupported personal attacks against some people I know and, as was mentioned, started signing the praises of Go Proud and the Log Cabin Perverts, it became obvious that any conservative sounding outlooks were just curtains around a broken window. That’s when I said farewell! I’m sorry I’ve missed your website until now, though I recall hearing of it from another source. I’ll be sure to solicit your feed from now on. Best wishes.

  • Please DO NOT fund obamacare it takes away so much form us senior citizens do not let us suffer under obamacare

  • Please do not fund Obamacare. I love my country but I do not trust my government. Obamacare is a socialist health care program and I as an American believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment. Do not fund Obamacare, it will fundamentally change our lives in a very negative way because it will eventually go in the wrong direction and all of us will be paying for the rest of our lives if we don’t act now!

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