Guess Who’s Calling Pro-Life Republicans “The Taliban?”

June 15, 2013 2:50 pm 2 comments

because truth rarely matters

Folks, we staunchly promote and defend the HCRP platform shared at You will not find us waffling on social issues. We leave that to others who embrace progressive agendas and opt for the slippery slope. Instead, we support the 2012 Republican National Platform, the Republican Party of Texas Platform, the Republican Party Principles, and the HCRP Local Government Platform. It’s that simple.

We welcome candidates who steadfastly support the platform and mirror the conservative principles of our voters. No moral relativism. No diluted values. Period.

For instance, we do not consider unborn babies “disposable” even in the midst of intense criticism—criticism, by the way, that has reached new decibels of outrage. Some are furious that we are staunchly pro-life. They demand that we vote in pro-abortion candidates. We will not. As Ronald Reagan said, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”.

Case in point. Local blogger David Jennings has thrown a tantrum over our tabling of discussion in June regarding precinct chair contender Nghi Ho. Mr. Ho is a four-term Alief ISD Board member, former Navy Lieutenant, UT graduate and small business owner—an otherwise spectacular candidate, except that he rejects our pro-life platform. And therein lies the problem. Our decision to table discussion was further compounded by his own concerns that running for an additional school board term might hamper his ability to perform optimally in both positions.

Our decision incensed Jennings, so much so that he labeled pro-life Republicans “The Taliban,” lashing out in his personal blog, Big Jolly Politics, with hyperbole so bizarre it begs clarification. While the slur was meant to herd us into the pro-choice fold, it actually points to an irony. The truth is, the actual Taliban spill innocent blood. The HCRP stands against the spilling of innocent blood. We are, after all, committedly pro-life. Think about that.

Progressive media tools will always endeavor to chip away at our platform. That’s the reality. Certainly liberals owe them a debt of gratitude—big time—as mud is slung at pro-life voters. But calling Republicans “The Taliban” is about as intelligent as calling Big Jolly Politics “PRAVDA.” It’s stupid. It’s a new low. And it’s another attempt to fundamentally dilute what we hold dear. The goal seems to be the engineering of a progressive Republican Party, which is simply a clone of Democrat party. No, thank you.

As assaults fly against our constituency, we’ll steadfastly continue the mission. Truth be told, the verbal zingers are possible only because the critics are alive and well, unlike abortion victims. Unfortunately, abortion supporters do not believe their fellow human beings deserve the same shot at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So who’s the real Taliban? Enough said.


  • I can understand pro-abortion people being unhappy. But hey, this is politics and if they had the power that they have in the Demoncrat party they would leave us out. Their intentions are clear, scream victim and once in power dominate and squash any decenting Constitutional voices. They are just like Obama’s administration. We that are Constitutional Conservatives know that peace through strength works. Multi-culturalism, homo-sexual rights and supporting the world is to much for the Amerians to endure and pay for.

    • Actually, I’m unaware of any of us criticizing the committee whoa re pro-abortion. We just reject the notion that there is no room for anyone who isn’t a 100%er on the platform, recognizing that Reagan held a quite different view than the committee does. Indeed, the Committee’s standards would keep Barry Goldwater from being approved as a precinct chair because he would be insufficiently conservative/Republican for them.

      Apparently the members of the committee would rather we be a small tent party pure in principle and unsuccessful at the ballot box.

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