Texas Gun Store Owner, Jeremy Alcede, Supports Gun Control Legislation On Recent Radio Interview

August 6, 2012 9:26 pm 2 comments

Jeremy Alcede, owner of Tactical Firearms of Katy Texas, was recently interviewed by Houston’s KTRH radio host Matt Patrick regarding the topic of gun control legislation and ammo sales. Now that President Obama has expressed his interest in pursuing the ban of online ammo sales, this was the topic of conversation on the show.

Mr. Alcede said that he would like to give the Democrats this gun control law and hope that they would “be happy and go away” afterward.

Uncharacteristic of most gun store owners, Mr. Alcede shows a naive view of the progressive anti-gun movement. Banning online ammo sales after the Colorado Batman movie murders is like banning Exxon gas stations after a drunk driver kills someone with his car. It does absolutely NOTHING to make people safer, it’s only brought up to advance their attack on the second amendment and the freedoms that law abiding citizens enjoy in this country.

The process of buying ammunition online is identical with the process of buying ammo in a store. In the state of Texas a consumer must be over the age of 21 to purchase handgun ammo, and over the age of 18 to buy rifle and shotgun ammo. An ID is presented at the point of sale to confirm this. When ordering ammo online, the process is the same – You confirm your age when you checkout online, and then the delivery person checks ID and gets your signature when the ammunition is delivered to your home. There are no mystery loopholes in this process, and there is no reason to ban online ammo sales and put countless companies out of business.

Gun control advocates know that they can’t wipe out all of your second amendment rights at once, so they choose to target certain items that they can vilify, such as online ammo sales and so-called “assault rifles”, to the point that even gun rights supporters are willing to say “OK, we’ll let you have your ban so that you’ll be happy and leave us alone” – but this process never ends. Your right to keep and bear arms has now been infringed, and they move on to the next type of gun or ammunition and chip away at it until it’s gone… and so on, and so on.

Listen to the interview below:

After hearing these shocking words, many gun rights supporters expressed their outrage with Mr. Alcede. Their company website and Facebook pages showed statements from Mr. Alcede backtracking on his original statements.

My opinion on the online sales ban was clearly made out of being uneducated in the way that laws are passed. I honestly did not see an issue with banning online sales of ammo. I have never purchased ammo online, even before I opened this store 2 years ago, so I really didn’t think stopping online sales would be a big deal. I said “if you give them an inch, they will take a mile” and I truly did not believe that this was giving them anything. The phone calls and emails that I have received have told me a completely different story. The outraged citizens that heard my radio interview and took the time to call or email to voice their opinion, also took the time to talk to me, to explain to me where I am missing the point. I had no idea how passing something into law works and how allowing online sales to be banned opens the door for that law to be amended to change the type of ammo, or the amount, or caliber… the list goes on and on.

This story clearly shows that there are weak links in the pro-gun rights movement and in the coming weeks I will be publishing a series of articles exposing the lies and tactics of the people that are trying to destroy our second amendment rights on a daily basis.


  • I hope this guy gets his head in the game. We have to be united against anti-gun rights groups at all times. We can’t have a gun store owner against the online ammo stores….we can’t have hunters against sport shooters….we can’t have Jim Zumbo saying that no one needs AR rifles. Mr Alcede may lose some business over this.

  • Just because HE doesn’t buy ammunition online he thinks it’s not a big deal? He was obviously completely out of touch with reality and he was “schooled” by people who are aware. His support for banning online sales of ammunition to appease the gun grabbers is tantamount to letting the camel get its nose under the tent. They will NOT go away or be satisfied by just halting ammunition sales and his original thinking of that shows he’s naive when it comes TO the gun grabbers’ mentality.

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