Sheriff Candidate Louis Guthrie & Bryan Pyne – Follow The $$$$$$$$$$

July 21, 2012 1:50 pm 6 comments

From where does the Guthrie Campaign finances come?

Louis Guthrie, candidate for Harris County Sheriff in the Republican Runoff, likes to spout off about his conservative credentials, however, upon closer investigation, his Campaign Finance Reports reveal another story.

Louis Guthrie claims to have raised significant funds in his quest for the top law enforcement job in the county. However, upon further scrutiny of his reports, an unsettling trend appears. That trend is of one contributor, Bryan Pyne, who on multiple occasions LOANED Louis Guthrie’s Campaign, in total, a staggering $127,000. That’s right, $127,000. In addition to the hefty loan amounts, Bryan Pyne contributed close to $20,000 to Louis Guthrie’s Campaign. The next question you might ask is “who is Bryan Pyne and what does he want from the Sheriff’s Office?” You’d be correct in asking that question.

You see, Bryan Pyne has an interesting background. According to the Secretary of State’s web site, he was the registered agent and manager of a business with the name “Fantasy Funwear”. Fantasy Funwear was once part of the Adult Sex Industry in Houston. Fantasy Funwear sponsored adult oriented events at local lounges, which often included porn stars and more. You get the picture. I can say with conviction this sort of activity does NOT reflect the values of Harris County Conservatives.

So, out of the $226,300.97 in funds Louis Guthrie has raised…close to $20,000 was contributed by Bryan Pyne in addition to his loans of $127,000. And what we have here, ladies and gentlemen, begs yet more questions:

  • Why is Louis Guthrie being loaned large sums of money from this individual?
  • Where are such funds really coming from?
  • Is someone trying to buy INFLUENCE?
  • Just how much underwear and what else does one have to sell, in order to be able to contribute nearly $150,000.00 to the Guthrie campaign?

Like me, you are probably stunned by this revelation, the large amounts of cash and of course Bryan Pyne’s background, that leaves one with more questions than answers. We all need to be concerned. As they say, the devil is in the details, and in this case the numbers speak volumes about Louis Guthrie and what he really stands for. Not what he says, but what he does, becoming a puppet tied by strings to the adult sex industry.

Below you will find a table illustrating the location in the campaign finance reports, where you may verify this information:

Campaign Reports Date of Loan or Contribution Type of Giving Amount Report Page Number
01/17/2012 09/14/2011 Contribution $1750.00 Page 6
09/20/2011 Contribution $8355.33 Page 6
09/28/2011 Contribution $6279.26 Page 6
11/09/2011 Contribution $1750.00 Page 6
11/09/2011 Contribution $855.00 Page 6
12/15/2011 Loan $20.000.00 Page 9
04/30/2012 02/12/2012 Contribution $320.00 Page 11
01/20/2012 Loan $7000.00 Page 17
03/15/2012 Loan $10.000.00 Page 18
05/21/2012 04/25/2012 Contribution $600.00 Page 5
05/11/2012 Loan $60,000.00 Page 7
07/16/2012 05/21/2012 Loan $30,000.00 Page 10
Total amount in loans: $127,000.00
Total amount in contributions: $19,909.59
Total contributions from Bryan Pyne: $146,909.59

We have all seen the soul-stealing effects that the adult sex industry has inflicted upon our country, and we want less of its influence in Harris County politics, not more.  Mark my word, Louis Guthrie will need to pay back those loans.  Let’s not give him the opportunity to use the office of Sheriff to look the other way as the adult sex industry seeks to infect our county with more of its filth.

Those of you who stay current with the Patriot Statesman know that I have been a strong advocate for Carl Pittman for Sheriff of Harris County.  Carl is an outstanding law enforcement officer and businessman, and he will make a Sheriff that Harris County voters can be proud of.  Some of Carl’s priorities are:

  • To provide law and order, and ENSURE THE SAFETY OF YOUR FAMILY
  • To take a TOUGH stand against illegal immigration
  • To establish a CONSERVATIVE fiscal policy
  • To provide LEADERSHIP that is sorely lacking today

During early voting, starting Monday July 23 through Friday July 27, and on Election Day, Tuesday July 31, I urge you to vote for Carl Pittman for Sheriff of Harris County!


  • panfilo caballero

    Good research Richard, we all need to know this.

  • Enforcement advocates support you Carl! We are glad you showed up at our screening and maybe we will see you soon in some parking lot during the run-off!

  • Alexander I. Shaskevich

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! This is funny. Of course, my vote is a no brainer. Now really what was “stolen” from Louis Guthrie’s wife? Was there some little “toy” that she just loved to play with that? Had to shut down a car wash to punish the “perps” or was it “pervs”? Who really is the “Perv”? Too many questions and too little answers.

  • My vote is for Carl Pittman. There are too many strange connections and abuses of power in Guthrie’s past for me to trust him with such a powerful office. VOTE CARL PITTMAN!

  • Nancy Barlass

    Thank you, Richard, for giving us facts that can be verified. Tired of all the politico slurring when this year we REALLY need to clean house and get TRUE conservatives in office everywhere. Pittman will get my vote :-)

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