A Legacy of Bad Judgement – Louis Guthrie’s Reprimand of March 29, 1996

July 2, 2012 1:41 am 1 comment

This is the second in a series of articles that set out to examine Louis Guthrie’s record, and why his candidacy does not merit your support, in the race for Sheriff of Harris County.  You will see, as we examine these reprimands, that Louis Guthrie, over and over, exhibits poor judgment in making decisions.  Not once in a while, but consistently, throughout his career, this is a common trait that shines forth from the pages of these Sheriff Department records and reprimands, right up to and including his current campaign where his campaign coordinator has prevaricated in a most bizarre manner, and tarnished his campaign by making bizarre statements and exhibiting behavior that is totally out of control.  You will see that Louis has quite a problem following regulations and controlling his own behavior.

Below you will find another letter of reprimand, yet again, for not following department policy in the way he treated a prisoner while under his purview:

TO: Louis T. Guthrie. Deputy
701 Housing / Inmate Housing Bureau
SUBJECT: Letter of Reprimand

Sheriff of Harris County 1301 FRANKLIN HOUSTON.TEXAS 7700-1971
March 29.1996

REF: Violation of Chapter III. Section 12 25 b and Section 14 I of the Department Manual Policy and Ethics

You are hereby reprimanded for not following proper policy and procedure and cautioned to review the Department Manual, Policy and Ethics, particularly those sections which arc cited below

An Internal Affairs investigation, Case #95-02331215 reveals that on November 28 and 29, 1995, while assigned to the 701 Jail Facility, you were unprofessional in your dealings with Richard Simmons. SPN 1465021, an inmate in the Harris County Jail System. While there had been justifiable reasons for your initial encounters with the inmate; you used poor judgment when you continued to question him regarding his religious beliefs and his allegiance to the Nation of Islam. Your behavior in this matter caused the situation to escalate rather than to be defused which more appropriate actions would have accomplished.

It has been determined that your actions as described above were in violation of the following sections of the rules set forth in the Department Manual Policy and Ethics, to-wit:

b. He shall not use uncomplimentary terms of: speech in referring to any prisoner or another person, or intentionally antagonize any person with whom he comes in contact.

Once again we observe that Mr. Guthrie exceeded the boundaries that had been set by department policy, by exhibiting personal behavior that was out of control, unprofessional, and not within the limits set by the Harris County Sheriff Department.  This is just one more piece of evidence, and when taken with the entire series of reprimands, this is yet another clear indication that Mr. Guthrie refuses to follow authority and control his personal behavior, which we will see led eventually to the Car Wash debacle, where Mr. Guthrie went FAR beyond the letter of the law by abusing the authority invested in him by the Harris County Sheriff’s office.

How does Mr. Guthrie expect that junior deputies will follow department regulations when he so regularly disobeys them?  How can Mr. Guthrie lead a department when he regularly refuses to follow department regulations?  Once more, Mr. Guthrie’s bad judgment has gotten him in trouble.


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  • Robert Goerlitz

    Apparently you have not seen Grcia’s personnel file that is riddled with poor decision making and low evaluations.

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