Louis Guthrie’s Campaign Coordinator, Candice Schwager, Accuses Opponent of Murder

June 19, 2012 11:52 am 15 comments

In a shocking interview written by Craig Malisow, and published on the Houston Press website, local Houston attorney and campaign coordinator for Louis Guthrie, Candice Schwager, told Malisow that Carl Pittman, candidate for Harris County Sheriff, “strangled and killed” his wife in Carlsbad California and that there is a conspiracy by Adrian Garcia and Alan Bernstein to shut down her non-profit websites.

This story was originally intended to be about the copyright violation that Schwager was accused of by Houston photographer and Chronicle employee, Jay Lee. Allegedly Candice Schwager was using Mr Lee’s photos without permission on her website and he filed a standard DMCA complain to have them taken down – then the drama started.

When Houston photographer, Houston Chronicle blogger and KPFT tech-talk show co-host Jay Lee found out last month that one of his copyrighted pics of Houston’s skyline had been used without permission on multiple Web sites, he sent the Web hosts a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice informing them of the situation. That’s when the ghost of Rod Serling stepped in, took a drag off his Chesterfield and informed Lee that he had just e-mailed [pause] The Twilight Zone.

Why is that, Hair Balls? you ask. We’ll tell you why: One of the sites using the pic belonged to a woman named Candice Schwager, who blogs about all the various conspiracies she’s uncovered throughout her life, as well as her disapproval of Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. The thing is, Schwager’s 14 Web sites were registered via GoDaddy.com, and it’s apparently the company’s policy to suspend a client’s account — i.e., all of their domains — even if a DMCA take-down notice only applies to one. When her account was suspended, she threatened to sue Lee for everything from harassment to defamation.

The weirdness blew the minds of techies and photographers in the blogosphere; before long, sites like Slashdot and Petapixel were covering the story.

Schwager believed this to be a conspiracy between Garcia, Lee, and a former Chron reporter named Alan Bernstein to destroy her credibility and abridge her freedom of speech. (Bernstein is a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, but Schwager describes him as Garcia’s campaign manager). Her allegations, as presented on one of her blogs, are a jumbled, stream-of-consciousness sideshow: “Jay Lee and his outrageous lynch mob media printing lies to smear Candice have gone so over the top, there’s simply more to the story. I’ve never met anyone so masochistic, begging to be smacked, as Jay. Call in the lynch mob! It goes all the way to Scotland! what’s really up? [sic]“

Ms Schwager went on to accuse Mr Lee of theft, claiming that he changed her AppleID and bought apps using her account to harass her, and that she will sue Mr Lee and the Houston Press for libel. Then she took things to a new level of WEIRD with her a rant about Sheriff Candidate Carl Pittman.

Since Schwager was so preoccupied with how Lee, Bernstein, Garcia and others libeled her, we told her we assumed that she believed she wasn’t committing libel herself. Therefore, we asked her for documents or any other evidence to support her allegations. She said she’d send it, but she didn’t.

“I really have enough on my plate and I don’t have time to convince reporters who are liberally bent towards Garcia anyway that…what I say is right,” she said.

She then segued into a rant about Sheriff’s candidate Carl Pittman, a Republican whom she said contributed to Garcia’s campaign: “You should get public records from Adrian Garcia….[Pittman] strangled and killed his wife in Carlsbad — two wives now, he’s beaten — he sexually abused her, sticking huge cucumbers in places they don’t belong, he’s been evicted eight to ten times, 2007, Adrian Garcia did an investigation — it was all over the Internet….Well, all of a sudden, he gives him a campaign contribution and he’s not fired. The guy is corrupt, and if you don’t know that, I’m wasting my time.”

Hair Balls could find no public records accusing Pittman of murder, rape by cucumber or donating to Garcia, for what it’s worth.

Why the accusation of murder against Carl Pittman and the conspiracy theory about Adrian Garcia? After a quick Google search we noticed that she claims on her resume to be the Campaign Coordinator, Avid Supporter, Cheerleader and “Girl Friday” of Louis Guthrie, candidate for Harris County Sheriff.

Louis Guthrie is currently in a run-off race with Carl Pittman – The winner of this race will go on to face Adrian Garcia in the general election in November.

While Guthrie has publicly praised his recent opponents on Facebook for running a “clean race”, this type of mud slinging is the worst I’ve seen in years. Photos of Ms Schwager with Louis Guthrie, her online resumes, and dozens of strange postings on blogs sites supporting Louis Guthrie show that she is definitely for his campaign in some manner.

View her BranchOut resume here | View her LinkedIn resume here

Carl Pittman and Louis Guthrie BOTH have been accused of some nasty things in this campaign, but Guthrie is the only one that has been terminated for his behavior. I’m pretty sure that if a person was guilty of murder and sexual assault, they wouldn’t still be employed with the Sheriffs Office. Guthrie claims that the courts have vindicated him from the charges that ended his career with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, but the official documents show that there will be further proceedings on this matter.

Ms Schwager ended her phone interview with Mr Malisow with a profanity laced tear that we’ll have to edit since it isn’t appropriate to print (You can read the uncensored version on Houston Press).

Finally, we posited this to Schwager, since we feel that the veracity of such allegations ought to be tested: Would an outsider examining this situation believe it’s more likely that a person was the target of politicians, photographers, and the media, or “do you think it’s more likely that the person saying that is nuts?”

Her response, before hanging up, was this: “You know, I think that you’re a f***ing ***hole and you can go to hell, and if you print anything I’ll sue you and the paper. Goodbye.”

Shortly thereafter, on the Twitter page of one FairyViviann, came the tweets, “sheriff garcia – mini obama,” “jay lee is a thug homo,” and “some ***hole masilw from the pothead press called today.”

This is a very interesting Houston Press story that we’ll be watching closely to see if Ms Schwager, Mr Lee or Mr Guthrie follow up with any additional information or corrections.


  • Brandon De Hoyos

    I am not surprised by this sort of comment coming from the campaign of an also ran many many times for this office. There is a reason Louis Guthrie has never won until this year: the sheer number of candidates diluted the vote. I don’t see anything in Louis Guthrie that makes me excited as Carl Pittman does. He’s the real deal, the REAL conservative in this race AND has the experience to combat crime and protect the public.

    I am voting for CARL PITTMAN for SHERIFF.

  • This is politics at its worst. No one affiliated with a campaign should be able to get away with things like this. It’s just a desperation move to falsely accuse him of murder late in the campaign.

    Pittman is a fresh new conservative candidate that can beat Garcia. Guthrie’s been running for office several times – lost each time, has a long list of reprimands for violating peoples rights. Violating peoples rights doesn’t make you the conservative candidate – it makes you a bully.

  • Louis Guthrie must be pretty low to publish these horrible lies about Carl Pittman. Just goes to show that he has no integrity. Very sad when politics come to this. I voted for Carl in the primaries and I will vote for him again! I would be proud to have him as our sheriff!

  • Jim Russell

    Sounds like desperation to me.
    They need SOMETHING to say because their record certainly sucks.
    They must be scared.
    Go Carl!

  • Just a Mortal

    One of the things that was missed above, but was in Carl Pittman’s response on his election web site—Candice Schwager’s “non-profit” corporation, Attorney’s for Special Needs Children, in the state of TX lost its charter earlier this year.

    Questions about the “non-profit’s” legitimacy began as a result of the copyright infringement debate. So far, she has been unable to point anyone in a direction that shows the normal documents that a non-profit like hers would have such as a Form 990, Annual Report, Board of Directors List, etc. However, TX secretary of state records do not lie and for small search fee anyone can see for themselves that her charter was revoked. At one point she tweeted her defense of those calls for real paperwork on her “non-profit” with certificates from the TX bar acknowledging her many hours of pro-bono work. What she did not mentioned is that many (most?) of those hours were Candice and her husband Rick executing a lawsuit on her son’s behalf-pro-bono of course and pro-bono work is not proof that a non-profit is really a non-profit, especially one that is incorporated.

    More interesting, Louis Guthrie is purportedly the biggest single contributor to her now illegitimate “non-profit.” So far I have not been able to find mention of any other “charitable” links for Guthrie. The question I have is—is his support for her illegitimate “non-profit” genuinely for the “kids” or is he, just like Schwager, using the idea of the “non-profit” as cover for his payments for her shadow campaign and services rendered. She uses the “non-profit” bit as justification of her actions and proof she is working for the greater good–but when it really isn’t legit anymore, isn’t it really just a scam?

  • Wasn’t this woman just arrested for drunk driving, getting into an accident, and leaving?

    • Just a Mortal

      Yes, that would be the same Candice Schwager. And, the car she was in was the same car that was allegedly stollen… how is that for a twist of fate…

      I read on one of the accounts that the woman that was injured was life flighted—Everyone should keep her in their thoughts.

      Has anyone found the mugshot of candice yet? if so please post the link. I wonder what the toxicology report will say???

      From what it looks like, she may have spent 2 nights in jail. She has certainly had a busy year so far, I bet it is a little tough to run your shadow campaign for Guthrie4Sheriff when you spend 2 nights in lockup.

      Any bets on if she has finally come to the conclusion she should have just quietly taken down Jay Lee’s photo and kept the whole thing off the web?

    • Someone Else

      I know that Just a Mortal knows, but for others following the story, http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2012/06/jay_lee_candice_schwager.php has more information.

  • As reported by Big Jolly Politics, Louis Guthrie denies that Candice Schwager is his campaign coordinator


    And yet this tweet from his Twitter account on Sept 11, 2011 clearly states that she IS his campaign coordinator.


    I am SO confused!

    Please note that the @guthrie4sheriff Twitter account feeds a widget right on the Guthrie For Sheriff web site at http://louisguthrie.com so I suspect this is actually HIS Twitter account.

    • I think his Twitter account may have been scrubbed to hide that evidence. I’m sure someone has a screen capture or access to the old archives though.

      Big Jolly supports Guthrie, and he avoided the entire topic of Schwager saying that “Pittman wasn’t being honest” by saying that she was his coordinator. Who’s not being honest here?

      • If we made a Movie about the Guthrie Campaign it would be called “Lies, Lies and more Lies”

        They have fabricated photos and lied so much it is hard to know what the truth is.

      • Just a Mortal

        The Guthrie Campaign has turned the Guthrie4Sheriff twitter feed off all together and removed the widget from the website. Tho, in their defense, when 5% of your twitter feed is mentions and retweets of the woman you are trying to convince the world is not and was not your campaign coordinator, I think I would take it black to. (not to mention the links to her blogs, mentions and retweets of her fake accounts, and the other people she pretends to be)

        There are screen shots of several of the tweets and I am certain someone has a full transcript of every tweet made by G4S ;-) .

        Big Jolly did get prodded by one of his commenters about the fact that @Guthrie4Sheriff tweets stated that she was the campaign coordinator, mentioned Candice coordinating meetings with prospective supports back in April and of course all the links to her blogs. The Guthrie response to Big Jolly was that Schwager created and controlled the twitter account and that she along with some unnamed staff were the ones tweeting all of the feed, Guthrie did not write any of the tweets. Wouldn’t that make her like part of the official campaign–like a social media coordinator or spokesman at the very least?

        Well, in Big Jolly’s words, Guthrie confirmed that they had taken back the account and that Schwager was def. not a member of the campaign now. The last tweet from Guthrie4Sheriff was on June 1st and it was addressed to one of Schwagers friends on twitter @DesertScene. I personally think that was when they took the account from her, and I also think that nobody except Schwager or one of her “assistant” personalities was involved in any of the official twitter feed, else, they campaign staff would have continued to tweet for Guthrie, so I think the not part of the campaign now means sometime in june she was “let go”…

        FYI — a twitter account they may not be aware of yet @NuSheriffNTown … Everyone should screen shot it, follow it and re tweet its single lone tweet. LOL

      • Just a Mortal

        This link has better comments then the one posted by observer and it also has a link in the comments to the screen shot of the tweet.


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