The HCRP Is Too Conservative and Fiscally Responsible – Moderate Push For Change

May 13, 2012 4:12 pm 6 comments

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Bill Kneer


There are some well-intentioned people within Harris County, as well as a few misguided moderates advocating change within the Harris County Republican Party leadership. In a recent article posted on Big Jolly Politics a local tea party leader Dale Huls stated “The conservative Republican Party grassroots are calling for reforms to be implemented immediately by the current leadership of the Harris County Republican Party (HCRP). The aforementioned grassroots have accepted the dismal state of our county party for well over a decade”

While the accusations of the well-intended yet misguided seem to fire up a few against our current leadership the accusations made are just flat wrong. So let’s take some time to highlight the positive things that have happened within Harris County over the last decade under the leadership of Chairman Jared Woodfill.

  • 4 out of 5 Republican sweeps within Harris County
  • Well over $10 million raised to support the local party
  • The Harris County Republican Party has remained debt-free
  • In 2010 presided over the biggest victory in the 62 year history of the Harris County Republican Party
  • Under the leadership of Jared Woodfill the local party has stood strong for our conservative values and has never caved in to pressure from the left

These misguided critics would take the great conservative record and spin a different story, “The HCRP leadership has laid bare a record of incompetence and mismanagement with respect to raising funds in the largest voting county in Texas (3rd largest in the nation) to adequately fund HCRP facilities and operations.”

This statement is not only wrong but it is a downright lie. The truth is, that while no one is perfect Chairman Jared Woodfill has done an incredible job at growing our party within Harris County. Under the leadership of Jared Woodfill the County’s political map has become so red that the only chance a Democrat has is being appointed through the courts.

They say Chairman Woodfill cannot raise any money. The truth is Jared Woodfill, over the last 10 years, has raised well over $10 million dollars. They say that because the County party’s bank account does not have lots of cash sitting in it and this must mean chairman Woodfill cannot raise funds. The truth is Jared Woodfill has run a fiscally conservative administration.

Chairman Woodfill does not ask for money, just to save it in the bank account and collect dust. Chairman Woodfill does the responsible thing. He plans a project, documents the plan, counts the cost, then and only then he goes out and gets the money to complete the task at hand. This is the responsible thing to do and he is done well for the last10 years. Under Jared Woodfill’s leadership our Party has grown and remained debt-free in the process.

The single biggest complaint I hear from Republican voters is that we give our time, treasure, and votes to get good conservative Republicans elected to office. When they finally take the oath of office they lose the conservative principles that we have all fought and stood for and then they become part of the problem, not the solution that they promised while campaigning.

Throughout his lifetime, Jared Woodfill has stood strong for the social and fiscal conservative values embodied in the Texas Republican Party platform. There’s not been one time where Jared Woodfill has caved in and betrayed our commonly held beliefs. He has stood strong in the battle against those on the Left as well as those on the Right who would have us leave the time-tested principles and convictions that have brought us victory.

The job of the Harris County Republican Party chairman is not to do all the work by himself. It is to lead our local Party and be the spokesperson of “we the people” that make up the base of our County Party. To spread the vision of the Republican Party to all those who do not know who and what we are and stand for. There’s no one here locally that articulates our conservative message is consistently, and precisely, as Chairman Jared Woodfill.

This is the most important election in our nation’s history; our nation will make a choice this November, to either stay a free country that supports our Judeo-Christian heritage, or to embrace socialism and a secular world view.

Let’s not change generals the night before the battle, and take a chance on losing our nation. Jared Woodfill has been a great leader, a man of honor, integrity, and consistency.

Since 2008 I have stood by Jared Woodfill and fought as hard as I could to help grow our local Party and save our nation. And since 2008 I have had the same people consistently nipping at my heels complaining about everything we do while they do nothing.  It is easy to criticize, especially when you do nothing to assist in growing the Party.  Every two years we hear from the same malcontent faction.  After the Primary, we don’t hear from or see these critics offering to lift a finger to help the Party, but come Primary time, they are there prevaricating and criticizing without having served the Party in the interim.

I call on all those who continually find fault and complain to man up, shut up, and help us defeat Democrats in November!


  • The leaders of the Texas Ron Paul people say Jared Woodfill has to go. Watch your back Bill Kneer. Our crazy people are coming to get you.

    • time and time again I did not like this from people who act fearless while hiding behind false names.

      the intimidation will not work I will hide and I will not be quiet. It takes a lot of courage to get online and intimidate somebody while hiding behind false name.

      If you want to impress somebody stand for what you believe openly for all to see.

      these bullying tactics that many of you have employed to silence Richard Dillon and myself are despicable. But be assured I will not be silenced all that I do is open to all ballot every one of you judge me for who and what I am.

      I see that the false e-mail you used is

      if I assume by that e-mail address you are a libertarian that ports Mike Anderson against at Lycos.

      I’ve had about enough of the intimidation from the Mike Anderson campaign, the Paul Simpson campaign, and the Howard Heuszel campaign.

      believe me when I say everyone in Houston can see exactly what is going on and who is who. The voters of Harris County are not stupid.

      next time your courage overtakes your brain and you decide to come on here to bully and intimidate please find the courage not to hide you are.

  • “I’ve had about enough of the intimidation from the Mike Anderson campaign, the Paul Simpson campaign, and the Howard Heuszel campaign.”
    Intimidation? Can you please give an example proving your claim? Seriously, if you think you’re getting “intimidated” in the primaries, how on Earth are you going to get by when the Liberals start coming to call?

    • JD, I appreciate the fact that you can ask a question while hiding behind initials.

      I don’t need to show when examples everybody has seen it. The letter sent by Randy Kubash slandering Richard Dillon and myself on more than one occasion. These letters were sent to all the Republican grassroots people in Harris County.

      The hundreds of phone calls and e-mails to Jared Woodfill the Harris County Republican Party office and candidates that we support urging them not to talk with us or at anything to do with those because we are bullies and mean.

      I had the whole the place of my employment off of my Facebook page because we were starting to get called at the office.

      Individuals whom I will not name ( but she knows who she is) called Richard Dillon Dr. and demanded that she remove her father’s face from her Facebook page because he was hurting her reputation.

      Of course also the results screen captures of some of the lies that people spread around Facebook. Maybe one day I’ll put them in the story and expose these people for who and what they are.

      And I’m sure you can read JD…. What is the very first comment that somebody supposedly name Ron Paul posted on this very page?

      Just in case you missed it here is what “Ron Paul” said to me The leaders of the Texas Ron Paul people say Jared Woodfill has to go. Watch your back Bill Kneer. Our crazy people are coming to get you.”

      typically I do not let these types of comments go up but in this case I wanted people to show themselves for who they are.

      So you ask can I show the evidence? Yes, and you have seen it yourself and I hope that you will not been a part of this.

      • So wait, this “Ron Paul” character is affiliated with “the Mike Anderson campaign, the Paul Simpson campaign, and the Howard Heuszel campaign.”???
        I mean, THAT was the question I asked, I didn’t ask about some crank commenter.
        Come on bro, if you’re going to try to play this game, at least play it better.

        By the way, are you going to post MY email address without MY permission too? Because the “LEAVE A REPLY” thing says email addresses will not be published.

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