Bill Kneer’s Political Endorsements In The 2012 Republican Primary

May 18, 2012 1:19 am 7 comments

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Bill Kneer

When I first got involved in Republican politics I did so not to push Republicans, but to push the Republican Party platform. I am a Republican not because I believe in people within our Party by their name but because I believe in the values that so many have fought for and worked for and laid out so nicely within our party’s platform.

In the past we have had far too many people get elected because they have an “R” beside their name. Far too often, once elected they have governed like liberal Democrats, they spent waaaay too much, they regulated waaaay too much, and some even went so far as to cheat and steal from all of us.

In the past we have had Republican judicial candidates that we fight for and get on the bench and once they are there, they legislated from the bench. This is wrong and it destroys our party so when I pick a candidate I do more than listen to what they say because words don’t matter as much as deeds and what is in their hearts that comes out in what they actually do, not what they say.

So here’s a list of candidates that I will support in the 2012 primary election. I believe these candidates are not Republicans only because of the vehicle they used to gain power. They are Republicans because they believe like I do in the values that made our nation and our party strong. I believe these candidates will stand up for conservative fiscal values and for our conservative social values and the judicial candidates understand their job is to rule on the laws not make laws.

The people I am endorsing here are people that I know or know enough about to feel comfortable in knowing that they are strong, social and fiscal conservatives, that will stand up for our Republican Party values.

There are several races for which I have not endorsed and I will not and here’s why I have not endorsed in these races.

  1. They are running unopposed.
  2. I do not know them well enough to make an educated decision.
  3. In some races I may know some and do not feel comfortable endorsing them.

In some of the races where I have endorsed, I have picked the candidate that I believe most shares my values and will stand up for them. There are a few races that have more than one good candidate running, but again, I had to make a decision.

But remember this is a primary race for the Republican Party.  After the primary race is over regardless whether our candidates win or lose we must put our differences aside and stand shoulder to shoulder as brothers and sisters in the Republican Party and support those who the Republican Party choose to represent us in November.

After the primary is over we need to be one Repu0blican voting bloc, so we can ensure the complete defeat of the Democrat party and their anti-American goals and ideals.


  • I agree with you, Bill. The platform is important, and should be pushed. It is a clear expression of our values and priorities.

  • How closely does Rick Santorum align with the Texas GOP Platform?

    • Rick Santorum is the one who agree’s with it the most… Mitt does not, but i know he will be our candidate.

  • Bill,

    Rick Santorum was not the candidate most closely aligned with our platform. Ron Paul is. His policy positions and votes most closely align with the TXGOp platform. Santorum just endorsed Romney, the Father of Gay Marriage and, I am convinced, a closet pro-abortion supporter. So much for Rick’s principles.

    • Jay, wherein the Republican Party platform do you see that we are not a friend to Israel and that we feel is Republicans we should allow terrorist hateful nations to become nuclear powers so they can destroy our friends?

      Where in the Republican Party platform do you see anything that comes even close to saying it is okay to use drugs by prostitutes and have abortions?

      Ron does on some fiscal issues align with the views of the Republican Party and its platform. But on the social issues Ron says he agrees with those that says each individual and each state needs to make their own decision. That is not the Republican Party platform.

      Jay as Republicans, we stand for life the life of every living human being and that includes the lives of the unborn.

      As Republicans we stand up and promote a godly family one man one woman. we promote the biblical morality that our nation was founded upon.

      Ron Paul believes to each his own.

      in the book of Romans the first chapter ends with this, “Though they know God’s decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.”

      Ron Paul and those who did not believe in social values that our party and our nation were founded on give approval to those who practice in morality. In fact Paul Simpson was fired from the Harris County Republican Party because he stated that we could not stand up for the state sodomy laws back in I believe 2001.

      Ron Paul does not in any way agree with the Republican Party or its values when it comes to social issues and foreign-policy issues he is wrong.

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