The Garage Door Politicians Are Back: Has It Been 2 Years Already?

April 15, 2012 3:45 pm 1 comment

Its funny and a little sad at the same time, to hear the same people who tried to defeat the conservatives in the last primary come back again and complain that those who do, do not do enough.

I have an idea for those arm chair leaders who sit back and complain about others who do not do enough. Get off your tush and help, instead of doing nothing and complaining that what needs to be done is not being done.

BIG JOLLY has found his way back to the anti-Woodfill camp just in time for another election, with his piece promoting Ed Hubbard headlined “Harris County Republican Party: Brother, can you spare a dime?”

Ed Hubbard lost BIG in the last election and why, might one ask? Plain and simple, Ed while being a very nice guy did not have the skills and the time necessary to lead our party. After decades of living in Harris County and doing nothing to help the Party, improve the position of the HCRP, the voters said no to him. Ed was doing his best to be a garage door politician, but what people want and need are people who do not sit at home and do nothing, then run for office and expect people to love them. Ed can be wordy in pointing out weak spots, but has no platform or useful policy proposals. Always a plan, but never any concrete budget or steps of implementation. These garage door politicians sound great, but close examination of their “plans” leave one wondering how on earth are they going to pay for such dreams?  After all, if their “plans” were so great, why couldn’t they raise money for their individual campaigns? How is it that they are going to be successful in the future, if they haven’t been in the past? Anyone can talk and “plan,” but it is what they have done in the past that is the best predictor of what they will do in the future.

How can anyone do better than Jared Woodfill? In 4 out of the last 5 elections, more Republicans have been elected to state and local office than at any time in history.

Since Ed lost in 2010, he as well as Paul Simpson, have had the opportunity to be team players. They both had the opportunity to stop being garage door politicians and to start being civic minded conservatives doing what they could to help grow and strengthen our local party. But would helping our local party succeed, undermine their opportunity to get a moderate as HCRP Chair?  Is that their main goal? Ed did what he has done for years. He retreated, and again is looking for opportunities to slam others for not doing a good enough job.

While BIG JOLLY, Ed Hubbard, and Paul Simpson have had the opportunity to help, have they done so? Now the barn animals want to eat the bread, though they didn’t help bake it. Now, in an apparent effort to further hurt our local Party chair by an unsuccessful effort to defund our party’s convention, was this really a good idea in advance of one of the most significant elections in US history? Are the Simpson-ites really more concerned with harming Woodfill, and less concerned with actually helping Republicans win office? From men such as these, the HCRP should distance itself.

Our local convention is not to promote candidates; rather, it is to do party business; it is where the Republican voters come together to help get the local party ready for the State and National Conventions. The convention is where “we the people” can have input on what our party stands for.

In the past, candidates have asked for the opportunity to speak to the voters and in return they would help sponsor the cost of the convention. But this time, Hubbard and Simpson have clipped the candidates of the opportunity to speak–I hate to think this was done to hurt the local party so they could say accurately, “See, the party is in shambles.” This is rather like breaking someone’s leg so that you can proudly give him a crutch and claim the mantle of beneficence. If Simpson and Hubbard have a better explanation, I would like nothing more than for us all to work together to strengthen the party and to make this awkwardly timed convention schedule work for us instead of against us.  Take that victory away from the Dems.

Conservatives know that Jared Woodfill is a solid conservative leader; husband and new father that in all his years of service has NEVER ONCE compromised our conservative values.

After all, what is it that we want in a party leader? Answer: Someone who will stand by our party platform without fail, and Chairman Woodfill has done this beautifully.

We want and demand a party leader that can effectively communicate who and what we are to the masses. Chairman Woodfill has had thousands of media appearances here locally where he is effectively articulating our Republican beliefs. All this was done without compromise. Jared Woodfill even works persuasively with other Republicans to encourage them to stand strong in compliance with our Republican beliefs and convictions.

February 2nd 2010 Gary Polland had this to say about Paul Simpson, in the Texas Conservative Review :

Most disturbing of all is Paul’s unwillingness to stand firm regarding a critical Republican Platform issue. While Paul was serving as an officer for the HCRP, your Editor was subpoenaed to testify before the Texas Legislature regarding a landmark case ultimately involving the sanctity of marriage due to a proposed GOP letter sent regarding the issue. The pressure was tremendous as the liberals and the media in Texas were pounding the HCRP to stand down and back off. Paul Simpson did, saying, “From a political basis, I didn’t think it was something we ought to be doing.” To which I said, “Bring them on” and we won the battle in the Court of Appeals and Texas Supreme Court (for the full story see Janice Law’s book Sex Appealed). Leading our local Party takes hard work and a willingness to stand up for conservative principles (even in the face of liberal and media opposition).?

What kind of leader do you want? One that stands with us? Or one that folds under pressure like a cheap suit and compromises our values? It is compromise that has gotten us here. Great leaders do the right thing. Bad leaders do things “the easy way.” Woodfill falls under the first category.

Now let us dig into the raising of money for the local party. BIG JOLLY and the garage door politicians say Jared has not raised enough. Well the truth is, the last few years have been tough for the party. Heck, I bet it has been tough for most Texans. With the Obama economy, no jobs and high cost of fuel and everything else we buy, it has been hard. So do we blame our party Chairman for this? Or do we blame those in government who have regulated us ALL into the poor house?

But let us also be honest and admit Jared has raised large sums in his term as chairman. Just a reminder, under the Leadership of Jared Woodfill, we have had 4 out of 5 county wide Republican sweeps. Woodfill has raised just under $10 million in the last ten years during his collective tenure as party chairman. Can Simpson say the same?

Well I do not know about you, but I have had it with compromise on the conservative essentials. I would rather lose at the ballot box, standing for what I believe in, than win with compromise and stand for nothing at all.

So let’s stop fighting to destroy our party and stand shoulder to shoulder facing the enemy in battle to save our beloved nation.

BIG JOLLY, Ed Hubbard, Paul Simpson, I implore you to join me and fight our common enemy.

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  • Brian Cweren

    We need to stick with solid conservative leaders like Jared Woodfill and tune out the non-believers just selling hate…..

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