Why I Support Carl Pittman For Sheriff Of Harris County

March 11, 2012 12:52 am 24 comments

With eight candidates running in the race for Harris County Sheriff, many are trying to sort out which candidate will be most able to defeat Adrian Garcia in the fall, I thought it expedient to list the reasons why I support Carl Pittman for Sheriff of Harris County.

I have known Carl Pittman for several years, and have been a proponent of his for quite some time. I would like to share with you the many qualifications and qualities that make him, by far, the best candidate for taking back the office of Sheriff.  For those who have not gotten to know Carl well, please allow me to share some facts that make Carl uniquely qualified for this office.

Carl came from very humble beginnings.  From the Fulshear Texas area, Carl’s young life was in a home without running water.  He soon realized that although there should be no stigma about living in poverty, he disciplined himself to excel in school, and chose a different path for his life.  He joined the Marines after graduating from high school, where he served and was discharged honorably, then chose to, became a policeman in southern California.  After some years serving in law enforcement, Carl once more changed careers, and became a business owner, in the real estate and mortgage business.  Here Carl learned the business skills which would enable him to understand and get a handle on controlling the budget of the Harris County Sheriff’s office. After a very successful career, Carl chose to return to Texas, and once again, to a career in law enforcement.

His business and law enforcement experiences provide unique qualifications to manage the office of Sheriff.  Some of the other candidates for Sheriff have singular qualities, but none have the unique combination of experiences that Carl Pittman brings to the Harris County Sheriff’s race.

Speaking of other candidates let me be as frank, as possible.  You know, we all have candidates that we like. Some of the candidates in this race are very likable individuals. As you see these candidates in your mind’s eye, may I ask if you would want them to come to your home, or train others to come to your home at 3:00 A.M., to protect you, to prevent a break in, assault, or home invasion, when your life or those of your loved ones, was in danger? Let’s be honest with each other; being a likeable candidate doesn’t mean being a qualified candidate; being a likeable candidate doesn’t mean that one can win against an entrenched incumbent in November!

We may all have our preferences, but let’s step back and take an objective look at these candidates. Several of these candidates have only recently begun to campaign; prior to a few months ago, they had never shown their face at a Republican Party meeting.  Now they expect us to support, work for, and vote for them?  Puleeez!  We will be writing about Carl’s opponents in depth in the near future, but just let me remind you that “likability” does not mean “win ability”!

Just take a long look at these individuals the next time you meet them at a Republican event or meet and greet.  I hope that you take my following comments about various TV sitcom characters with a touch of humor, as they are meant to be given.  From amongst the lot, we find a dentist, who very well may be a great dentist, but having never been a professional, paid, law enforcement officer, one wonders just how he has the professional experience and knowledge to direct one of the largest law enforcement offices in the country. While I do commend him for his volunteer service, I liken him to Barney Fife, from the “Andy Griffith show”, a nice guy, but rather bumbling, less than competent individual. More than one of these candidates really should stay in retirement! At least one of these individuals has never been a peace officer in the state of Texas. As a bureaucrat, let me ask, how would you rate the effectiveness of how well the drug war, sex slave trade, or the illegal immigrant invasion was fought during the George W. Bush administration? As many of us who voted for W., sadly realize, does anyone involved with that administration deserve praise for curtailing the crime due to illegal immigration that grew out of control during W.’s administration?  As Sarah Palin would ask, “How’s that working out for you”?

Next, you have the “Roscoe P. Coltrane”  (of Dukes of Hazzard fame) of Harris/Liberty County, who would misuse his authority to close down a business because he thought (without checking to be sure)that his wife had  $16.00 stolen from her car at a local car wash (“I’ve got you now, you car wash thieves/Duke boys!”)This individual not only was fired from the Harris County sheriff’s department, but has a LOOOONG list of reprimands from said sheriff’s department.  Frankly, my friends, it scares me, to think that this individual, might be given a chance to lead the HCSO.  At least one of these gentlemen has shown a wanton disregard for the rule of law, and if they are unwilling to obey the law, why should they even remotely be considered for a position enforcing the law?  We see the results of an administration that does not respect the constitution and laws of the United States; do we want individuals in charge of law enforcement in Harris County who have demonstrably and wantonly broken the law?

As much as some of these candidates are VERY likable and probably very nice fellows with whom to chat, they are far from qualified at best, and at worse will cause great embarrassment, disgrace, and cost of law suits to the people of Harris County, and the Republican Party, should they garner the candidacy for the office of sheriff.

Can you actually imagine a press conference with some of these individuals at the podium, with lights, cameras, and critical reporters facing them?  One of these individuals always refers to the office of “Sharff”.  I’m sorry;  we all have things we are better suited for, and some of the folks in this race are less than adequately suited for the media exposure brought to this office.  It’s best to objectively realize this now, than to choose a nominee who will be vulnerable come the general election.

Getting back to “win ability”.  Carl not only has procured the majority of endorsements from Republican Party activists and leaders, but in the fall, will be able to draw votes from a very large, diverse coalition of voters, something which cannot be said by any other candidate in this race.

Carl has been a diligent campaigner, becoming involved in the HCRP, working hard to gain the admiration and respect of grass roots activists and Party leaders.  I challenge you to compare his very impressive list of endorsements with any other candidate in this race.  It is unequalled by the other seven candidates combined.  From precinct chairs to SREC members, Carl has won support from a large group of conservatives.  One who endorsed Carl early on was that most famous sheriff, most hated by the Obama regime and other leftists, Joe Arpaio.

Most people recognize “Sheriff Joe” for the conservative stands he takes, and he has been a recipient of a concerted effort by the Left to destroy him, particularly by the Obama administration, for standing up for the American citizen; working hard to protect the citizens of Maricopa County, Arizona, taking a stand against the rampant illegal immigration that threatens law-abiding citizens.  Sometimes, you get to know an individual by the enemies he makes!

As you are all too aware, Harris County is also on the forefront of the battle against the crime brought on by the Mexican drug cartels.  Harris County is a hub for the illegal drug trade, kidnapping, gun running, the exploitation of young girls into the sex slave trade, and all manner of other crimes associated with illegal immigration.

Joe Arpaio has heartily endorsed Carl Pittman, as one who will fight for the law-abiding citizens of Harris County.  Joe’s endorsement doesn’t come easily, and he travelled to Houston last year to lend support to Carl’s campaign.

Like “Sheriff Joe”, Carl is committed to protecting the Constitutional rights of “We the People”.  His priorities for the Sheriff’s office include:

  • Providing law and order and ensuring the safety of our families
  • Taking a tough stand against illegal immigration and accompanying crime
  • Establishing a conservative fiscal policy, implementing a zero-based budget in the Harris County Sheriff’s office
  • Providing leadership to an organization where it is woefully lacking!
  • Honoring the Constitution, by protecting the citizens of Harris County from the onslaught of the Obama administration, particularly Eric Holder’s department of justice

These planks form the core of Carl’s campaign priorities.  He has some great plans for turning these priorities into practical steps of action, once he takes office.

Now, it is up to you and me to find the most qualified and capable candidate, the best candidate to beat Adrian Garcia in November, and to provide effective leadership to the Harris County Sheriff’s office.  Of course, a great and positive candidate like Carl, will be the target of much mud slinging, accusations, invented and wild stories by his opponents, who unfortunately, reveal their desperation as they seek to tear down Carl’s character. Truly a sad commentary on politics in the 21st. Century. I’d like to remind them that all who fabricate stories and predict Carl’s demise forget that Carl has a long and illustrious career and continues to serve with the very department whose leadership he seeks. If any of the mud slinging lies were true, he would have been let go from the sheriff”s office long ago, as occurred to one of his authority abusing opponents,  who is no longer longer affiliated with the Harris CountySheriff’s dept.  but was banished up to Liberty County for his misdeeds

I do trust that you will speak with Carl;  ask him about his goals and plans for the sheriff’s office, get to know the Pittmans, and you, too, will make the decision that I made long ago; that Carl Pittman is the only candidate worthy of our vote for Sheriff of Harris County!



  • All of the above look great. However, I absolutely need to know where he stands on “no-knock” drug raids and “eminent domain.”

    • While i can not and would not speak for Carl Pittman i can say that a sheriffs job is not to have personal opinions on laws. Its it to enforce our laws.

      We have now a Sheriff that does not equally enforce our laws. He picks some laws he like and ignores the ones he does not.

      Our State Legislature makes laws. Law enforcement enforces law.

    • Darcey: I can assure you that as sheriff, Carl won’t attempt to legislate the law, rather, he will lead the Sheriff’s department in a manner that enforces the laws created by the legislature. His office has nothing to do with eminent domain, and he will lead the sheriff’s office by enforcing the laws created by the legislature, to the highest standards of ethics, not picking and choosing which laws he will enforce, as does the current leadership in the sheriff’s department.

  • Richard, why the mean-spirited, venomous attack on Harold Heuszel? A reserve sheriff’s officer is the domestic equivalent of a US Army reservist serving in the Middle East. They take the exact same risks as the “regular” law enforcement officers, only they do it on a volunteer basis. You equating his service to that of “Barney Fife” is demeaning to all of the volunteer law enforcement officers in Harris County. Maybe I’m off-base here, but I expect more from our party leaders than what you’ve written on this blog. Shame on you.

    I’ll also add that attacks like this in a Republican primary are generally unacceptable save for cases of severe character flaws.

    • Oh CC, I mean “GoldBacon” You really thinks that’s it mean? I thought it was truthful and done with a twist of humor. If you really thought this was mean i bet you are the life of the party.

      Now having said that you stated that a non paid volunteer is like the army reserve and in some ways you are right. There is risk to one’s personal safety as a volunteer deputy. But it’s more like an intern if you ask me.
      But as you are well aware HH has done some horrible things to Carl and Kristi behind the scenes and please do not think I do not know what he has done.

      Also as a law enforcement officer paid or unpaid all are to fallow the law just as you and I are would you agree?

      By the way I found this video I wanted to share with you…


      You stated that “I’ll also add that attacks like this in a Republican primary are generally unacceptable save for cases of severe character flaws.”

      This is only your way of attacking Richard and you have done me in the past. It is unfounded and unfortunate.. But it is what I expect.

      This is nothing more that i true heart felt endorsement of someone Richard respect, and will as I and many of the voters in this county…

      • I don’t know who “CC” is, but it’s not me. I met both Heuszel and Pittman (and the others too) at the Downtown HPC meeting/straw poll last month and liked all of them. I got to talk to both HH and CP afterwards (briefly) and they both seemed like fine citizens to me.

        I’m not sure what “horrible things” HH has or has not done to Mr. Pittman because I am not affiliated with either campaign. But that fact that you allege improprieties, then fail to back it up with some sort of evidence (or even a specific allegation) is complete bush league. Based on my admittedly brief interaction with Mr. Pittman at the Pachyderm Club meeting, I seriously doubt he would approve of the mudslinging you and Mr. Dillon are instigating. Of course that type of gutter politics is par for the course in the Harris County GOP.

        The YouTube video is stupid and adds nothing to an intelligent discussion of substantive issues.

        Finally, why did you delete my gravatar?

        • This peace is not mud slinging, its a heart felt endorsement with a little humor… If you have personal issues with it that’s fine… Everyone else see this for what it is…

          I know about that straw poll by the way, they sold tickets for money and each member got 10 votes?

          This poll was bought and paid for by a few and this taints the process… and i suspect that you know that.

          By the way of you feel so strongly about this why hide who you are? If you believe in what you say stand up and let people know…

          • I believe you have been misinformed. The votes were not “sold”.
            There were sponsors who paid for tables of ten, and each member did receive a vote. The table sponsors were allotted ten votes for each judicial candidate, not for the non-judicial condidates.
            Harold Huezel has spent his years receiving the same training as active duty officers. His willingness to give back to the community should be held in higher esteem than the paid opinions of political consultants who also happen to blog.

          • Rose I will not comment on the straw poll i was not there i only know what others have reported.

            I am happy that Howard is wanting to give back to the community, and if he wins the Primary i will do all i can to help him. For me i just do not think he is the best man for the job.

            Now you stated “His willingness to give back to the community should be held in higher esteem than the paid opinions of political consultants who also happen to blog.”

            Are you suggesting that I am a paid political consultants for Carl? If so you are indeed misinformed i donate my time and will continue to do so.

          • I don’t care about the straw poll. I didn’t even case a vote. All I said is that I met both candidates and thought they were both nice people.

            As for the original piece, I’m not questioning that you guys meant for it to be humorous. But, it really didn’t come across that way. It came across as petty and bitter. The failed humor detracts from the points that you were trying to make.

      • Kristi Van Eaton

        I am not sure who HH is, but I can attest to what Bill has said is true. I am a precinct chairman in Montgomery Co. and I was asked for my resignation,along with 3 other precinct chairmen, because I did not support a candidate who is a RHINO. While people like “GoldBacon”, Eric J. Batton, and those here in Montgomery Co. tout that everyone is free to support who they want, you better support their candidate or they want you to shut up and resign. Doesn’t that sound like tactics the Democrat would use?

        • Thanks Kristi, i truly appreciate your kind words..

          The way they have responded to this heart felt endorsement from Richard has been discussing at best..

          They have continued the assault again today with lies and hate.

          I did not know till today but Eric Batton is a union boss here in Houston..

          We have a lot of great officers in Houston and i am sure the union is a good thing and its not like the unions in Chicago… But this here resembles a MOB shakedown to me…

      • We in Precinct 8 were blessed for years with a constable whose experience in law enforcement was as a reserve officer prior to his election. I’d argue that Bill Bailey did a damn good job for many years, so I would not disqualify HH on that basis.

        That said, i agree that Carl is the best man for the job.

    • GoldBacon, or whatever your real name is; I have no venom towards any of these men. As I reported, they are VERY likable individuals. But likable is far from “win able”.I merely pointed out some very obvious observations; can you imagine some of these individuals conducting a press conference? I have nothing but the utmost respect for ALL of our law enforcement offers, reserve or regular. That’s not the point here. If there were a way for ALL of these men to win a race, that would be great, but the truth of the matter is that only one will go forward to do battle with Adrian Garcia. I’m simply asking you to take an objective look at these candidates, under the light of cold, hard, reality. Some of these men can speak well in public; others have horrible grammar, especially for the amount of education some of them are supposed to have. I greatly respect your support of Carl’s opponents, but I would ask you to look at these men, as will their opponent in the general election, and come to grips with reality now, rather than face a loss in November.This is not an attack; it is merely a request to take a responsible, rational, decision now, rather than an emotional decision now, only to face a loss in November. Isn’t that one of the responsibilities of leadership? Only one candidate will go forward; I merely exercised my first amendment right by sharing the reasons why I believe that Carl Pittman is the ONLY qualified candidate to face Adrian Garcia in the general election.

    • Richard has crossed deep into fantasy land with the following comments regarding the possible outcome of electing anyone other than Carl Pittman.

      ‘As much as some of these candidates are VERY likable and probably very nice fellows with whom to chat, they are far from qualified at best, and at worse will cause great embarrassment, disgrace, and cost of law suits to the people of Harris County, and the Republican Party, should they garner the candidacy for the office of sheriff.’

  • Carl Pittman is the real deal rarely seen. Not only in the “public eye” but in his private life.

    I have never endorsed anyone before now. Carl makes me excited about the future. I know that he is not only experienced to do the job of Sheriff but his heart and soul is filled with honesty and dedication to doing what is right before God and man.

    Since he submits accountability to God first I can trust him with his duties to this county. He has already helped me as my organization seeks to help mothers and children of rape conception. He has been available and moved forward to help with a couple of serious situations. He really does listen and acts quickly to make a difference.

    Wholeheartedly endorsing and eagerly awaiting this man’s victory as Sheriff of Harris County Texas

    juda myers

  • How long did Carl work for Arpaio?

  • Dee I do not believe Mr. Pittman has ever been employed by Sherriff Joe. It may just be a good friendship and mutual respect that bonds them together.

  • Apparently the Patriot Statesman did not like all of my comments on Richard Dillon’s Article; they eliminated my urging readers to vote for Harold Hueszel.

    Is Richard the Editor?

  • Donald Gray

    I just want to throw in my two cents on Carl. I work across the aisle from him in B&T and am supporting him in the primary. He is a friend who I believe is a great cop. He also hits a golf ball about a mile which is ridiculous, but anyway…I believe he is also a man of God which is important to me. Guthrie is also a friend of mine and a great American. I like what he did at the carwash, a little bit too aggressive, but he came to his wife’s rescue and I respect that. Huezel was my dentist at one time and I served in the warrant division when he was a reserve here serving warrants. He is also a great American. In short, the field is full of good men vying for a very important job. Only one can win, I hope it will be Carl.

    As for the union boss comment I dont know Batton very well but I am a member of the HCDO. This union is not your typical left wing union. The majority of its members are conservative with one or two die-hard dems who are friends of mine who i respect greatly and only dems because they believe in the union and feel that the dem party is the only one that is pro union. The union boss comment was meant to elicit a feeling that our union is something other than what it is.

    one more thing, I am supporting Carl in the primary because I am a republican. I wish my current boss wasnt a democrat, but that is the party he chose. I simply cannot support anyone who is a member of the party of Pelosi and Reed. I will have to think long and hard after the primary whether to continue to work for Carl or to sit on the sidelines in order to protect my own career.

  • You left off one of the most important reasons to vote for Carl….he is a God-fearing, good man. I have met his wife and they, together, are a great, loving couple. Anyone who would hire a campaign manager who behaves as Guthrie’s manager behaves should not be sheriff; Guthrie isn’t using wisdom. When I think about the power a sheriff has, I most definitely don’t want the character of an individual who hires or keeps the likes of the person described in this article: http://texas.patriotstatesman.com/2012/06/louis-guthries-campaign-coordinato. Thank you for writing about this mess in a positve manner.

  • I too believe that Carl Pittman is the best candidate to be our next sheriff. He is a family man, a God-fearing man, an honest man and has the best qualifications to keep our families safe.

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