Republican Primary Primer: The Vetting Process As It Applies To The Race For Sheriff In The Harris County Republican Primary

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To “vet” was originally a horse-racing term, referring to the requirement that a horse be checked for health and soundness by a veterinarian before being allowed to race. Thus, it has taken the general meaning “to check“.

It is a figurative contraction of veterinarian, which originated in the mid-17th century. The colloquial abbreviation dates to the 1860s; the verb form of the word, meaning “to treat an animal”, came a few decades later—according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest known usage is 1891—and was applied primarily in a horse-racing context. (“He vetted the stallion before the race”; “You should vet that horse before he races”, etc.) By the early 1900s, vet had begun to be used as a synonym for evaluate, especially in the context of searching for flaws.

Political Selection

Politicians are often thoroughly vetted. For example, in the United States, a party’s presidential nominee must choose a vice-presidential candidate to accompany him or her on the ticket. Prospective vice-presidential candidates must undergo thorough evaluation by a team of advisers acting on behalf of the nominee. In later stages of the vetting process, the team will examine such items as a prospective vice-presidential candidate’s finances, personal conduct, and previous coverage in the media.

The term vetting derives from the act in horse racing of having horses evaluated by a veterinarian to make sure they are healthy and in good condition to run a race. Horses with physical problems may not be able to participate in a race since this can pose a risk to the horse and its rider. Certain identifiable conditions could cause permanent disbarment from future races.

In politics, the term vetting is thrown around with as much ease as advice on who to bet on in a horse race. The very term race is also applied to the political candidate’s attempt to get elected; think of the terms presidential race, governor race, senatorial race, and you get the picture. Vetting can actually include scrutiny on the physical health of the candidate, but it also includes significant examination into the background of the candidate to analyze either falsehoods the candidate might utter when running for political office, and to evaluate the potential problems in the past history of the candidate that could be a liability in attempting to win political office.

My friends, are you acquainted with the vetting process, so important to the Republican Primary? We have received a great feedback, from our previous article “Why I Support Carl Pittman For Sheriff Of Harris County“.  It appears as though many have a misunderstanding of the Republican Primary process.  It comes as a shock to them that the conscientious Republican will indeed take part in the vetting process, as part of the readiness for battle in the fall general election. I have been warned, “if you say something bad about a fellow Republican, then the Democrats will use your statements against the candidate in the general election.“ Nonsense! If a candidate has something to hide, it had better come out in the Primary campaign, where a more suitable candidate may be selected to run in the fall, than wait until the Democrat opponent springs an “October Surprise” and defeats the Republican candidate.

It seems appropriate to discuss some of the candidates in the sheriff’s race in horse racing terms.  My point being that if horses are evaluated before a horse race, then why should we be uncomfortable as we evaluate our candidates during the election process?

I’ll tell you this much, if these individuals can’t take the slight barbs from friends now, during the Primary, they will be in for a great surprise and defeat when the Press and the Democrats attack them with gusto in the fall!

We are all too aware of what happens when candidates are not vetted properly.  Take our current predicament in the White House.  The press wasn’t interested in vetting Barack Hussein Obama. When asked about his school records, acquaintances, birth certificate, etc. we were told by the Left and the Press that none of those things mattered.  Some believed that.  Most of us knew that a serious mistake would be made if the presidential candidates were not fully vetted.  We now know, with certainty, that the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was not fully vetted, and our nation is far worse for not having vetted him properly.

Likewise, here in Harris County, the vetting process is a very important part of Primary and consequent general election contests.

We’re not discussing a beauty contest here;  we don’t have a popularity contest either;  we have the duty, obligation, and right to look for the best possible candidate to take on Adrian Garcia and the failures of his HCSO administration.  I have begun to share with you my reasons why Carl Pittman is the best candidate to win the primary election. As I have attempted to warn you all, it is VERY important to adequately vet the candidates in the race for sheriff!

Many of you have expressed shock and loathing at the thought of someone sharing their opinion on the various candidates in the sheriff’s race.  One individual tried to tell me that “Republicans don’t eat their own”  Well, I would by far, rather have Republicans “eat their own”, and adequately vet candidates, in order to find the very best, most qualified candidate, who will be best suited to take on the Democrats and their candidate Adrian Garcia, than to have a milk toast, spineless, RINO, Republican-lite attitude, where deficiencies in quality and character are overlooked, in the misplaced priority of Party unity, only to have the candidate’s vulnerabilities brought to light in the scrutiny of the attacks that will come by the Democrats during the general election, leading to defeat.  Our last presidential election is a prime example of the failure to adequately vet the candidates from both parties.

Jeremiah 12:5 tells us “If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? If you fall down in a land of peace, how will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?”

As I previously mentioned, ALL of the candidates for the sheriff’s race appear to be very likable individuals.  You see them dressed nicely, putting their best feet forward at all the Republican meetings and meet and greets.  None of them stand out as liars, thieves, or hooligans!  Yet, someone is stealing campaign signs(by the way, we have some video that we may be asking your help in identifying the thieves), some are telling lies about other candidates, and some are threatening, and intimidating others in an effort to silence free speech and to stop any effort to properly vet these candidates.

What type of sheriff will we elect, from those engaging in this behavior?  If they will do these things in the Primary, what will be made known about these individuals during the general election?

Some wish to be able to see into the future, so that one could see the victor of the general election, to be certain of choosing the correct candidate for the Primary.  I don’t know of any way to foresee the outcome of elections, but the next best predictor, is to watch and listen to those who squeal most loudly when gently criticized; when their weaknesses are brought to light.

It has been a fascinating study to take note of the individuals, surrogates of these candidates, who have threatened, attempted to intimidate family members, friends, and associates, made a multitude of phone calls, called for resignation, sent emails, made social media posts and wrote articles as a result of my recent article Why I Support Carl Pittman For Sheriff Of Harris County.

The response is absolutely fascinating!  It is incredibly revealing to take note of which surrogates instigate the intimidation, which candidates they are supporting, and what their messages are, etc.

One of the most telling pieces of evidence for why certain individuals are not suitable for leadership, is the reaction they have when criticized.

No, none of the candidates themselves have contacted me directly; they all work through their minions.  But notes have been taken, I assure you, and if anyone would like to see them I’ll be glad to share with you what has been sent via private emails to friends, posts on Facebook, and the articles in the blogosphere. It is intriguing to see who has reacted most vociferously!  Several questions are raised:

  • Why have they reacted so viciously?
  • About what are they afraid?
  • Why are they so insecure?
  • What does their reaction say about their leadership abilities?
  • Why allow their surrogates to use the language and tone of their threats?
  • Which candidates have been most apoplectic?

If they will react to gentle criticism in this fashion, how will they react in the face of a critical and an unfriendly press?

  • When faced with opposition from other government agencies?
  • Other politicians, unfriendly constituent groups, etc.?

I have taken note of each of the surrogates, and have identified the candidates whom they represent.  One surrogate, who has gone out of her way to contact my Facebook friends, even making phone calls to members of my immediate family, claims to support Barney Fife, and Roscoe P. Coltrane (T.V. sitcom characters who most remind me of individuals in this race)  Please see my article Why I Support Carl Pittman For Sheriff Of Harris County. for further description of these characters.

Friends, let’s not make the mistake that America made four years ago.  Much too much is at stake!

I urge you to thoroughly vet these candidates; help us identify and confront all who have reacted in such an outrageous manner, and do not allow anyone to intimidate you from sharing your opinion, questioning ALL the candidates, ascertaining their competence and qualifications, investigating their past, looking at their friends and associates, and scrutinizing their demeanor and the way they treat and react to others.

Please remember that with politicians, it is not what they promise today, but what have they DONE in the past.  This is the best predictor of how they will behave in the future, regardless of what they promise today.

So, I plea with you to VET, VET, VET! We had best vet our Republican leaders better than the Dems have done!



As always, I look forward to your comments here, and on Facebook!

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